Memebox Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Holiday deals!

Hi everyone, here is a quick post on the ongoing deals running at Memebox. Check out their Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer details here (Offers run from 27 November to 7 December 2014) Memebox Black Friday, Cyber Monday Coupon Code*: GIVETHANKS There are value sets being sold at 50% off and they come with free shipping. Check out those at Memebox Free Shipping Value Sets. They also released 5 Black Friday boxes but those are all sold out. In case you missed out on some boxes, there are a few which have been restocked! I see the Etude House Super box, Disney princess boxes like Tinkerbell, Cindrella, Rapunzel etc. in stock again. Check them out at Memebox official website! Some Memebox … Continue reading Website Review – Helping students make informed decisions!

When I finished school, internet was not the huge phenomenon it is today. So decisions for finding a college for higher education and selecting a course were based on hearsay. Until recently, despite the internet boom, it was still really difficult to search information on courses and colleges on a million different websites. In the age where we order food, search jobs and shop online, it’s high time we had the convenience of searching for colleges online all in one place. There were not many options for impartial comparisons but, has solved all those problems! Now we can find colleges, courses in cities of our choice without hassle. Before I write jump into the review, let me first tell you a … Continue reading

Udderly Smooth Udder Cream (Body Cream) REVIEW

If anyone had told me that I would buy a cosmetic product originally developed for cows at some point in my life, I would have stared at them and probably walked away. But my elbows and heels got so dry last year in winter, I was willing to try anything especially when my undisputed favorite coconut oil could not rescue me. I saw this in the Olive Young store and skeptically it picked up. I was so conscious during billing since it said “Udder cream” and had cow print all over it. Of course I have decided to take it in good humor NOW but when you have not heard of the brand and cannot read “body cream” (all English … Continue reading

Etude House Pink Wish Tree Collection – Make a Pink Wish!

Etude House has launched a new holiday collection called the Pink Wish Tree collection with the tagline “Make a Pink Wish”. This is a part of the “School Me campaign” and 100 Korean Won from each purchase will be added to the donation. Once the number reaches 140, a School kit will be gifted to the campaign. The collection was released on 17 November. This collection consists of 8 sets from Etude House’s bestseller products: Etude House Pink Wish Tree Moistfull Collagen Cream – Jumbo Etude House Pink Wish Tree Moistfull Super Collagen Cream – Jumbo Etude House Pink Wish Tree Petit Bijou Cotton Snow Body Set (2 pcs) Etude House Pink Wish Tree Precious Mineral Any Cushion Etude House Pink Wish … Continue reading

Etude House Belle Dress Pretty Look Body Wash and Body Lotion REVIEW

Hi everyone, how are you? I am doing great today and have been feeling a lot better. I think eating well and exercising definitely plays a role in our moods. Anyway, I am doing a 2 in 1 review of the Etude House Belle Dress Pretty Look body wash and body lotion. I finished using both of these recently and want to review it before I forget! So read on to find out my experience with this bath range from Etude House! Etude House has a range of Belle Dress bath and body products which comes in 2 different fragrances – Fruity (Pretty Look) and Floral (Lovely Look). The Fruity fragrance products come in pink packaging while the floral ones … Continue reading