3 Simple Skincare Tips for Radiant Skin!

Hi everyone, today I decided to so a post featuring a few things I have been doing to keep my skin in the best condition with things easily available around my house. I have been doing a lot of beauty reviews so I hope you would enjoy reading this post!

1. Homemade Tea Tree Oil Toner

I have dry skin so I never used toners thinking that the alcohols in them might dry out my skin even more. But in my late twenties I developed a bit of acne especially around my chin area. So I had to start using toners to take out the excess oils from my skin. Store bought toners had a lot of alcohols so I decided to create my own toner using Purified water (100 ml) mixed with glycerin (5 ml) and Tea tree Oil (4 drops). The Glycerin hydrates my skin, water is just the base (sometimes I use Rice Water, the water in which I have soaked rice) and the Tea Tree oil removes excess oil and also kills germs causing acne. I have had a wonderful experience with this little toner recipe. The Rice water toner lasts a week in the fridge but the purified water recipe lasts for months!

2. Honey in Face Mask

I love using honey whether to eat or to apply it on my face. Honey is a great humectant so I like applying a thin layer of honey on my face just after I cleanse and tone it. Sometimes I mix it my face cream (at night) and sleep with it. In the morning I wake up with supple skin. It has also helped improved the spots I had developed after I had breakouts. Once every week, I like to apply Honey alone or with Milk, Rose water and Green Gram flour as a mask. Honey is a wonderful ingredient all for skin types actually so I highly suggest you to incorporate it in your daily skincare.

3. Turmeric in Face mask

I was not always into turmeric based homemade beauty recipes because I thought it would make the skin look too pale. Of course I must mention that my first experience with a turmeric based face mask, where I had added a little to many pinches of turmeric, might have been a culprit. But as I said about getting hormonal breakouts in my late 20’s made me look for anti-bacterial, anti-fungal items for my skincare. Having a dry skin did not help since most anti-acne products dry out skin and are usually geared towards oily skin. So I started being wary of the size of the turmeric pinches I used in my Milk Cream, Rose Petal Powder, Turmeric mask!

I have many more little things that I do for my skin on an everyday basis (well most of the time, since I tend to get lazy). But these three have helped me immensely in keeping my dry skin hydrated while still keeping the breakouts in control!

I usually get breakouts (my skin is also sensitive these days) after I get my eyebrows done. The thread makes my skin turn red immediately and a day later breakout into little white (oily) bumps. I have found that if I use a Tea tree based toner and follow it up with VICCO Turmeric Cream, the breakouts do not happen or are few and far between.

I hope you found these tips helpful. Please share your own skincare and beauty tips in the comments below!

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