4 Reasons Why to Buy More Summer Apparels than Winter!

There has always been a fight between winter and summer clothing and this battle can never settle down that easily! Both the clothings carry their respective worth and are equally important at their own places. If summer apparels keep us cool and airy in the scorching heat then winter clothes save us from the biting cold. So, nobody can actually judge which ensembles are more important and which are less?

The only way we could draw a comparison between summer and winter outfits is by looking at the pros and cons of both. And if we go on calculating their pros and cons then we would be able to clearly say that buying summer apparels more than winter is a profitable deal for all of us. Listed below are the four major advantages of buying summer styles more than winter styles:-

  1. Cotton which is considered as one of the best fabrics for summers can be worn even in winters without thinking twice. Just layer it up with something warm to avoid catching cold and make the best use of your cotton saree even in winters this year!
  1. Pashmina or so called winter fabric has a very rigid usage, which is just limited to suits & kurtis and does not come in the form of stylish sarees. Whereas you will find the usage of cotton silk in the making of designer salwar suits, sarees and even stylish lehengas.


  1. Online Pashmina Suits are great for winters, but cannot be used in any of the other season of the year, the way you can use cotton clothes in summers and winters both.


  1. Cotton silk sarees online have a natural sheen, which is beautifully entwined with the real goodness of the cotton fabric. So, you can go on keeping a collection of such sarees in your darling wardrobe that make you look glamorous and give you the utmost comfort at the same time.

Disclaimer: Contributed by Taanya.

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