5 Reasons Why I Had to be a Beauty Blogger!

It’s Thursday but instead of Throwback Thursday, I wanted to do something different. Something personal. When people ask me these days about what I do, I fearlessly and shamelessly say, “I am beauty blogger and a website owner.” It took me 3 years to become one (and be proud if it) but I am happy and confident to be a part of the beauty community. Today I thought rather than talking about another beauty product, I will tell you why I had to be a beauty blogger.

1. I am a Beauty Addict.
I do remember anytime in my life I said, “I am bored of trying new cosmetics. I wish there were just a few products I could use and be done with all this getting ready.”

In fact I usually wondered,”What is new in the market? What else can I buy to expand my makeup collection?”

Right when I turned 12, I started receiving pocket money, I saved every month till it was enough for me to buy something fancy for myself. Retail therapy was unheard of by then and no one in my family or friend circle cared about beauty stuff. But I loved watching Ads on TV of the newly introduced Garnier Fructis and Optima etc shampooos. I remember felling extremely joyous on the way home after buying my first set of Garnier Fructis shampoo and Conditioner. Only a beauty addict (supposed to be a beauty blogger) would feel this way!

2. I am fickle with beauty products.

I have never stuck to any one product in my life – shampoo, conditioner, cream, lotion, lipstick, blush etc. I am always on the lookout for something to try. No matter how good a shampoo works for me, I go and buy a different one every single time I run out. It depresses me to buy the same thing over and over again.

3. I love shopping. 

This is not something I need to state explicitly. the name of the blog is “Shopping Escapades” which leaves little to the imagination. And this is something anyone who has known for more than a day would be able to guess.

I love grocery shopping too. I used to find it stressful to buy groceries from normal markets but I love strolling in the aisles of the supermarkets. Bonus points for guessing that I end up buying a beauty product too at least 60% of the time 😉

4. I love taking time to get ready.

I may look the same in two different outfits but I still love to take the time and plan my attire for different occassions in advance. I try and match accesories, think about makeup to go with the outfit. And I love dressing up in my free time. I always have.

I spent a large part of my growing up years alone. I would come home from school, lock myself in the house (sine I was not allowed to go out till my parents returned from office) and then tie mom’s scarves around me and model around the house. I pretended to be a model. Even as a chubby teenager and an overweight adult, I have gotten loads of compliments on my walk (when I am active and making effort – I do slouch sometimes).

5. I love talking about beauty stuff and comparing different products.

I think it started as a hobby in my teen years when beauty blogging, beauty guru concept was unheard of. I loved comparing the results of different products and rank them. I “advised” companies on improving their packaging 😉

No one in my family or friends ever understood my passion. My cousins have made fun of me for my style and addiction to beauty stuff a zillion times. Even though I started quite late to believe in myself and my opinion as a beauty blogger and consumer, I love doing it now. I do not know how long I will keep blogging. But I know I will always keep trying new products. I will keep dressing up for the rest of life according to my priorities!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you are like me and have been contemplating staring a beauty blog, I would say DO IT! You will never regret it and it will bring a lot of joy and satisfaction!

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