5 Things Every Woman Should Have In Her Closet!

5 Things Every Woman Should Have In Her Closet

Don’t get us wrong, there is no way we can tell you what you should or should not have in your closet. Fashion is all about what you’re the most comfortable in. If it is jeans that makes you feel at ease then jeans it is. If you’re more of a sundress girl, go for it. What we have here is a list inclusive of some key pieces that every girl should have in her closet to avoid those I-have-no-clothes days. Check out these things every woman must have in her closet:

1. Black Blazer

Black Blazer

Classic, chic and completely versatile. A black blazer can be paired with almost anything from trousers to skirts to little dresses. It will make you look classy and effortlessly feminine. A plus point, it will take care of that little extra weight you’ve put on in the past few months. Yes! Black blazers will look great on any body type and give a slender shape to your body. Take care while picking your size, though. You don’t want to buy one that looks like a trench coat. Buy one that fits you in a way that accentuates your waist.

 2. Red Flats

Buy these for days when you feel a little funky and a little fun. When you go for flats, the first and obvious choice in terms of colour is black. Sure, it goes with everything, it will be worth all that money you pay for it. But, for days where you want to glam up a bit while still looking simple, red flats will come to your rescue. Put those on for an instant pop of colour and style that will put a spring in your step and brighten up your whole ensemble from the moment you step into them.

 3. Little Black Dress

Bow down to the reverential LBD. Every woman knows and approves. A little black dress is the most important piece of clothing in their closet. They cannot live without this beautiful outfit that can work for the office and for parties. Go from formal to casual in lightning speed by adding accessories and styling in different ways. Pair it with a million different things for drop dead gorgeous looks every time you don the dress. The dress is nothing short of a miracle.

 4. Statement Necklace

There’s nothing better than a magnificent piece of jewelry that will take the centerstage and add a dash of bling to your attire. Don’t feel like dressing up for that party tonight? Just go ahead and wear an old dress and throw on a statement necklace. Voila! The look seems fresh and oh so glamorous! Find a necklace that is attention grabbing but not tacky. Go for silvers and golds.

Statement Necklace

 5. Black Tights

Opaque tights are a must have for women with not so slender legs. These tights will make your legs look longer and shapelier so you can quit worrying about that pesky cellulite. A sneaky little secret: You can wear those tights under that dress that is too short and still rock that little dress. What’s more is that they will keep you cosy in the winter. There is no reason why you shouldn’t buy one for yourself right away.

Black tights

Clothing is meant to make you feel attractive and comfortable. Pick the pieces you think you’ll feel most comfortable in. And remember – Whatever you wear, you’re beautiful!

Disclaimer: Guest Post by Sheetal


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