6 Priceless Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!

6 Priceless Mother’s Day Gift Ideas!

priceless mother's day gift ideas

I love my Mom and I think one day is not sufficient for me to tell her how much I love and care about her. She is my pillar of strength and she is a giver, just like all mothers! And there is nothing I can do or buy in this world for her that can hold a candle to what she has done for me. And now that I am all grown up, I can buy her whatever I want. But the irony is she does not want anything. When I asked her about what she wanted, she simply said that she had everything she needed and I should save the money for the future (typical). So this time I have decided to gift her something priceless, something which would cost me nothing but will be invaluable for both of us. Here are the 6 ideas I came with:

1. Go out for a walk with her

My mother loves going out for walks. Despite joint pains, she loves going out for walks. And whenever I visit her, she insists that I accompany her for her evening walk. Sometimes I accompany her but sometimes I don’t. However, this time I plan to go to our nearby park and would probably sit on a bench and chat with her after walking. I love listening to her about her childhood days and mine!

2. Do her share of the household chores

My mother is a busy lady. Before she retired from her job, she managed the whole house, three children in addition to her full time job. She is still the in-charge of the house and usually doesn’t easily find time for things other than the household chores. I would love her to take rest even if just for a day. She loves reading so I am sure a good book will keep her company.

3. Take her to an animal shelter.

No matter how busy or ill she is, my mother cooks for a couple of stray dogs on our street. She also loves feeding the birds. On special occasions we visit an animal shelter. I am sure she would love to do the same on Mother’s Day. On our last trip, we had a lot of fun feeding the cows. They were mooing loudly and trying to get as big a share of the fodder we were putting in their shared containers.

4. Pray with her

Whenever I visit my hometown, we have a habit of going to a famous temple about 40 minutes away from our home. Ever since I was a child, I would sit in my mother’s lap when she was praying. As I grew up, I sat beside her while she prayed just to listen to her sing the hymns. It is my favorite thing to do. So maybe we will visit the temple! If not, we can always sit in our prayer room and pray together.

5. Take her to visit her family.

I love visiting my maternal family with my mother. She transforms into a different person when she is with her siblings. I love seeing that. This is something she definitely won’t say no to!

6. Cook her favorite meal

It’s hard to cook for someone who is not a foodie, has no specific favorite food and cooks better than you. Ha! But I am sure there are a couple of things she enjoys eating which I can whip up quickly in the kitchen.

I think what matters the most on Mother’s Day or on any day in general is to remember and respect the woman who brought us into this world and gave her everything to bring us up in the best way she knew. Just hug her and tell her that you love her, that is pretty much what a mother wants and needs 🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and found my ideas helpful. This is also a handy last minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas list I guess! I am also going to share a list of things we can buy for our mothers after all a little pampering never hurt anyone!

So what do you plan on doing for Mother’s Day? Share in the comments below!


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