A Random Shopping Haul From Emart and Daiso

Emart is a discount retailer started by Shinsegae, South Korea’s department store. It is a lot like Walmart in concept.

I bought a few things I had been wanting to get from emart today. The pillows we had were really stiff and poofy; I was having trouble sleeping with them. I was also suffering from stiff neck frequently so I decided to buy a soft, thin cushion for sleeping. It’s bright, floral, soft and cheerful.

I am a sucker for cute stuff so I picked up a few things from the stationery aisle as well. I picked up a couple of blackwood HB pencils for my nephews (ofcourse I’ll take out one from each packet for myself 😉 ), a pack of 12 colored pens I mean who doesn’t need them and a pair of angry birds phone charms for my nephews.

I love angry birds more than they do but it is sad that my phone had no place to add a phone charm, bummer! Actually these are not just phone charms, these are Korean travel cards aka T-Money cards (chips?) which can be used for Public Transport but these were too cute for me to pass. They did not cost very much either so I thought they might be nice for my nephews as phone charms.

emart and daiso shopping in korea

emart and daiso shopping haul

And my old eye patch (don’t really remember the actual term) was getting old and dirty so I went ahead and bought a striped pink and white piece. Stripes are in this season 😉 and pink has so become my color now that I am not a little girl (I was sort of a tomboy till 12). I am getting crazy for cute girly stuff in my late 20s. I detested these in my teens and early 20s. I may be ageing backwards in mind (Hello Benjamin Button!)

I know this a totally random haul but it does connect with beauty hauls albeit at a distance of 12 nautical miles or something! What did you pick up this week?

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