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Hi there! I am Ritu KT, the one-woman-team behind Shopping Escapades – Makeup and Beauty Blog India from Chandigarh, India but currently based in New Delhi!

ritukt fotd coloruful eyes red lips

Complexion -> NC35

Skin type -> Dry (with slightly oily T zone)

Eyes -> Dark Brown

Hair -> Dry Wavy hair (Dark Brown color)

Makeup is a game for me and I do it only for fun. I am not afraid of keeping it real (that’s why I am not a big fan of wearing a foundation). I take pride in who I am, what I do and where I come from!

I started this blog in December 2012 alongwith my lifestyle blog. I had been wanting to blog for a long time before I actually started doing it! And now I cannot imagine doing anything else.

I love shopping (duh?) and even though this blog is not only about justshopping, I do share my latest adventures (escapades?) in shopping through my haul posts! And since December 2013, I have also been making YOUTUBE videos (Shopping Escapades YouTube Channel)

I am a bubbly girl who believes in making the most of what she has. I am vegetarian (have been all of my life). I feel calm when I am in touch with nature.

I love taking long walks. I am extrovert with a tendency to talk even more when I meet someone new. I am usually articulate and I hate making a fool of myself (which I do more often than I care to acknowledge). I have a tendency to experiment. I hate routines but this does not mean I welcome big changes without resistance.

I recently started a health and wellness blog: Wellness and You!

I welcome you here with open arms! Let’s connect!

Contact Me: shopping.escapades@gmail(dot)com


  1. Chhavi Choudhury says:

    Hi. I am Chhavi. I am currently in India and will be moving to Seoul with my husband very soon. I am also a blogger and was searching for venues for my future makeup shopping trips when I stumbled upon your blog. Love your work here. Keep it up! 🙂

  2. jerrykim says:

    Dear Miss Ritu. I enjoy your blog. And it’s very useful. When I search korea maskpack, I found out your write. Can I copy your article to my blog? it’s very good review.

    • Ritu says:

      Hello, I am glad you found my review helpful. I am sorry but I cannot allow you to copy my article, thank you for asking, you can only link to my blog from yours.

  3. KEERTHI says:

    HAH!…we both look so similar…:*
    I want to start my own blog…
    but need lots of time for it na?..
    lets hope..
    keep reviewing..
    love ur blogs..
    all d love
    muahh !

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