My Accessories collection from Sweden

Hi everyone! How are you? I decided to start a series called Throwback Thursday (how original) where I should share things from my past. I had been dreaming of becoming a beauty blogger so I always documented my makeup, accessories and beauty stuff but never actually started a blog. There are so many things that are no longer available that I feel sad to have missed the opportunity to talk about them on time and there a few things that are still available and are my favorites. Since makeup and beauty brands change their products often, let’s start with my Accessories collection because Accessories are evergreen!

I was an earrings and watch kinda girl when I was working in the IT industry (or i just didn’t have enough time to accessorize) but I never owned very dangly statement earrings or necklaces so when I went to Sweden, I stocked up on accessories! Another reason for my accessories (and perfumes) obsession was that we were in Sweden for a very limited time and I wanted to be able to carry my stuff back (hoarder alert!) which would have been impossible with clothes/handbags and shoes. I wasn’t too educated on makeup and beauty stuff so I bought accessories and perfumes and really went crazy at The Body Shop.

My Accessories collection from Sweden

My Accessories collection from Sweden (2010-11)

Click on picture to see it upclose!

All of these accessories were collected during my 10 month stay in Sweden (with a few lost/tarnished pieces). I still remember taking this photo on my coffee table exactly a week before leaving Sweden. I promised myself to start a blog and feature this photo. 2 years later, I have!

If you see closely you will see that I played safe with neutral pieces with very few colors thrown in. I also have a few old accessories from my college days (bought in India of course) but 80% are Accessorize accessories (pun intended), H&M or a brand called Six. Three more things that are easily visible are: I love pearls, I love silver jewelry and I was not too much into rings.

I did miss out on featuring a couple of my watches that I bought in Sweden, I will include those on another Thursday. I hope you enjoyed seeing my Accessories collection from Sweden. Do you accessorize?

*Throwback Thursday is a series of posts where I talk about makeup and beauty products I have used in the past, before becoming a beauty blogger. Some of these products may not be available in the market today. This series is my way of looking at the change/growth rate in the beauty world!

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