Accessories from Ciao – Shopping in Korea

Heleow gals! I am here today to show you the accessories I bought from Ciao a day before leaving Korea. So this is going to be an accessories from Ciao shopping haul post. I lived very close to a shopping mall – Kim’s Mall aka 2001 Outlet in Migeum so I decided to hit the store and but a few cute accessories before leaving Korea. A haul about another shopping in Korea.

Ciao Accessories shopping haul from Korea

Ciao Accessories shopping haul

I do not have too many neckpieces other than a few traditional jewelry – kundan jewelry and statement neckpieces so I decided to buy necklaces which can be worn with many colors, western and Indian outfits and any kind of social settings. All of these necklaces stay above major necklines of my dresses which I think comes to 18 points in chain length language.

I love the silver, pearl and thread one on the left above but it does not look as good as the golden one below. The silver necklace stays closer to my neck like a choker (not exactly). I bought the third one just because I thought it would go with plenty of dresses. It wasn’t my favorite when I bought it but it looks good on!

I have seen many nice accessories in Accessorize here but the prices are way too high compared to the same in India so I did not prefer them. Ciao accessories especially with the 50% off Sale was worth looking into. I may pay attention to Ciao accessories when I go back again! I love the golden one on me even though I like the silver one. Which one is your favorite?

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