Accessories Haul from Express Bus Terminal in Seoul

Express Bus Terminal underground shopping center is considered one of the best places to shop in Seoul. I would definitely agree this statement especially since I love a good bargain. In terms of clothes, I like to shop for some good dresses for everyday wear, I go for things that look good, cost low and make me feel less guilty of giving up.

Express bus Terminal is usually good for clothes but you can find various cosmetic brand showrooms like The Face Shop, Missha and nature Republic there as well. It is not a place for brand-crazy people. But it is a heaven for people who like cute clothes at a reasonable rate (and hence get more stuff for the same price!). Nothing like bargain shopping for me. I absolutely love it!

And I like to be a real cheapo when it comes to accessories. I splurge on watches, bags and shoes and statement necklaces but not on bracelets, necklaces, earrings usually. I hardly own anything over 10$ amongst the latter. There are a couple of shops in Express Bus terminal shopping center where you can find cute accessories at 1000 ₩ (~ 1$) and I always visit those shops when I go to Express Bus Terminal; which is one a month.

On my last visit, I came back with a few pieces that I have been wearing non stop and they have lasted me well for their price. Nothing is broken till now so all is good.

Photo of  my Accessories haul from Express Bus Terminal

Cheap Accessories from Express bus Terminal underground shopping center

The second one from left is actually a bracelet (can also be a trinket but I use it as a bracelet so IT IS A BRACELET, OK?) and the rest are necklaces. I love the coral flower necklace and the rest are just for time pass.
Do you go for cheap accessories or do you splurge?

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