Accessories – My Knack for Cute Things

I always try to do something new, buy something I haven’t bought, try a new brand, taste a new cuisine/dish or do something I haven’t done before. There are so many cute things out there, I am sure I will never be done with gathering new cute things in life.

I came across this recently and I knew I had to get it for me. These things are big here in South Korea but I have no idea how much this has caught up in the rest of the world with the Earjack accessory or Smart Pin trend. Another thing I have no use for at the moment but went ahead and bought it. It does bring a smile to my face when I look at it. I don’t what the theory behind this is but the word written on a rice grain, floating around in tiny space containing colored liquid looks really cute.

Photo collage of cute accessories - keyring, earjack accessories

Succumb to the cuteness!

My obsession for Hello Kitty has been rising with my age. Is it okay to love Hello Kitty in your late twenties? I mean it is so funny that I never even knew about it until I was a teenager and then also I did not go crazy about it. Might be lack of availability but I have been going crazy after coming to Korea. Do you go crazy with things you like but don’t really need, just because they are cute?

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