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Social Media is the heart of any marketing campaigns these days with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. leading the way. However, these are the standard public social media platforms. If you are a new blogger on the block, you may feel like you are shouting in a vacuum. There is so much content created every second that your messages might be pushed down the stack before any set of eyes fall on them. And what if you want to connect with fellow bloggers? Wouldn’t it be nice to join a group of like-minded people where you have a place of your own?

If you have been nodding to these questions, then you must join Affimity.

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I can read minds, not really. But I know the thought that popped in your head right now. It asked – so what is Affimity?

Affimity is a next-gen social network that helps you meet people who share your passions. Most of today’s social networks are centered on people you friend or follow, and you are connected to ALL of their thoughts regardless of your interest in the content of most of those thoughts. You cannot just get the posts that you are truly interested in – say fitness or food or football, from the people you are connected to. So, we thought it would be good if we flipped the social model to center on your interests, and connect to people who share those interests.

When I came across Affimity, I just could not stop myself from exploring the channels of my interest. Since I run a makeup and beauty blog, my interest in those Affimity channels is obvious but I am also interested in finding out some amazing recipes (cooking), interesting book reviews (reading) and fitness tips. Thanks to the good categorization, I was able to explore each one completely without coming across any mix up or out-of-context stuff. It’s like there is no noise to be muted at Affimity, you hear what to want to hear (read)!

Another perk of joining Affimity in my opinion is that if you run a blog of multiple niches, you can add your content to the channels it fits in separately. I run 3 different blogs but thankfully I can share them on their respective channels. And Affimity also provides with features like on site Like and Comment just like its other more popular counterparts. I think this can help us bloggers create long term relationships with our viewers.

I don’t know about you but I am super pumped to have the opportunity to be a part of a group of people who share interests with me.

Affimity has app for Android, iOS so check those out to stay connected through your phones!

FTC: Post brought to you in association with Affimity.

Have you joined Affimity? What are your thoughts about this new Social Media platform?

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