Aida Cosmetics Butter Cream Lip Mask – Vanilla and Cacao REVIEW

I am not into lip masks or scrubs but when I received this Aida Cosmetics Butter Cream Lip Mask in my Memebox (read my Memebox unboxing), I had to try it! I do not have much previous experience with branded lip masks to compare this to but I have used homemade scrubs (powdered sugar, lemon juice and coconut oil) to have some room for judgment. So let’s see if this masks is worth investing in!

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Aida Cosmetics Butter Cream Lip Mask – Vanilla & Cacao

Product: Aida Cosmetics Butter Cream Lip Mask – Vanilla and Cacao

Claim: This innovative soothing, leave-on lip mask replenishes moisture to the lips. Infused with active bio-active blend of organic walnut and Shea butter, this Butter Cream Lip Mask will nourish, smooth, and moisturize lips to prep lips for smooth lip makeup application.

How to Use: Apply the lip mask onto the dry lips. Wait 2 to 3 minutes. Use a tissue to wipe away the mask to reveal plumper lips.

Quantity: 20ml

Price: 13$

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Aida Butter Cream Lip Mask – Vanilla & Cacao

I love the things I get in my Memebox. Even though I pay for it, it feels like a gift! So anyway, when I opened the Memebox this came in, this was not the product that I immediately was drawn to. I went for the eyeshadow pigments and the Too Cool For School blush. But when I finally opened this, I liked the packaging and the scent.

This comes in a little black tin twist open box with a colorful print. I love how cute it looked. The smell was also sweet – adequately sweet and chocolate-y to wake up my taste buds 😉 It does not taste very good though; not that I tasted it or anything.

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Aida Cosmetics Butter Cream Lip Mask

I tried this lip mask right away and as expected loved the creamy soft texture of the mask. The scrub particles were tiny and not very abrasive. I am sure this is not intended to be a scrub-in-a-mask plus lips are delicate so we need minimal scrubbing action anyway. I wiped this off with a tissue and let the creaminess stay. It felt good! This mask is going to last me ages since I need so tiny amount to get the job done. It’s a sweet little thing that brings a smile to my face (lips?).

I cannot find the ingredient list or more details about the brand. I might have seen this brand in Olive Young when I was in Korea but cannot be sure. Thanks to Memebox I get to try so many different brands! I am going to get a good use out of this in the coming dry months!

Rating: 3.5/5

Recommend: Maybe

Repurchase: No

I do not plan on repurchasing this first because it will last so long and second because I do not find it irreplaceable as a product individually or usage-wise. I have dry lips but do not feel the need to scrub daily and apply a mask specifically to the lips, I’m happy with a lip balm plus I like the homemade scrub/mask. But for special occasions or dry-lip emergencies, this is a nice one to consider. I recommend this to people who appreciate cute things and/or have really dry lips that need TLC.

What is your take on lip masks and scrubs? Which is your favorite lip balm? Comment below!!!

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  1. Sadia says:

    I have chronic dry lips and I was quite happy using it the way it was supposed to be used.

    One night I had an idea of using it overnight. Woke up in the morning with soft lips, dead skin cells all around. Removed the dead skin cells with my finger…it was very soft so didn’t feel the need to use any pressure. I wore matte lipstick the entire day and my lips were still soft.

    Totally in love with this product!

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