Alkaline and Anti-Oxidant Rich Water for a Healthy You!

Water, the undisputed necessity of life, is something we can never compromise on. I am usually amused by the responses of various celebrities who, when asked about their beauty secrets, reveal drinking 2 liters of water or 8 glasses of water per day as their major beauty secret. I get amused because I usually look forward to hearing about their favorite products etc. but I KNOW water is an important ingredient for a good skin. But the quality of water and the source it comes from are as important as the quantity of water we drink. Bad quality water or contamination at any level can cause the plethora of water-borne diseases. Therefore most of us prefer to drink purified or bottled water. But is that good enough?

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And the answer is No.

Our bodies have a pH level and our bodies can function best when this pH level is maintained, even through water. pH 7 is what we usually should aim towards. Any lower and it is too acidic for us making our bodies vulnerable to various imbalances and diseases. But in this day and age, most of the food we eat and even the water we drink is too acidic for us. There are various serious health consequences we pay for consuming acidic water.

4 reasons to stop consuming simple purified water (acidic in nature)

1. Cooking with purified water (high acidic level) can reduce the nutritional value of food as this water pulls the minerals out.

2. Purified water is highly absorbent in nature, it readily absorbs CO2 when it comes in contact with air.

3. It can make our bodies more acidic hence making us more susceptible to diseases.

4. It can cause acidity, fatigue, headaches etc.

Since prevention is better than cure, we should look at a preventive measure like finding sources for alkaline water. Alkaline water has many health advantages supported by scientific research.

One of the easiest ways to get alkaline water is having a water ionizer like Hydro-Jal Plus that can create the desirable pH level (alkaline water) of water for our consumption.

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Hydro-jal Plus Water Ionizer

4 Reasons to Start consuming Alkaline water

1. Ionized alkaline water has high oxygen levels. It helps deliver the nutrients to the body cells more efficiently.

2. It restores the pH balance in the body and helps flush out excess toxins from the body.

3. It easily penetrates the body cells and thus hydrates the body better than purified water.

4. It helps in building healthy blood cells and increases overall immunity since it creates an alkaline environment.

Hydro-Jal Plus is a water ionizer which converts acidic water into alkaline water by increasing the pH value of the water (through ionization). You can also Request a free demo of Hydro-Jal Plus in your home and get the details of the pH level of the tap water and purified in your home. Hydro-jal Plus is a small device that can make a big change in your health and hence the overall quality of your life.

What are your thoughts about how the pH level of water affects our health? Comment below!

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