All Purpose Cream I Keep In My Bag – Nivea Soft Moisturizing cream

I see a lot of beauty gurus on YouTube and beauty bloggers doing elaborate posts about their huge carry on makeup bags, I love seeing them but the idea of carrying bulk of things around with me does not appeal to me. I’m a new beauty blogger and I hope to keep my life simple enough to not have to carry my dresser around but still be trendy and well-groomed.

I will do my “What’s in my makeup/carry one bag” once I am a bit more comfortable with the idea of identifying myself as a beauty blogger but till then let me just tell you how I simply my life by just carrying multiple purpose things around.

Photo of Nivea soft all in one face and body cream

Nivea Soft – Refreshingly soft moisturizing cream

So today let me talk about the all-in-one cream I carry in my handbag and how I use it.

A lot of you might think that it is inexpensive, not great product and a thing of the past but let me tell you how you can carry just one cream like this around and be carefree.

For Face: I agree that this can a little too rich for the face of most people so when you have to apply this, apply it with wet hands and a let it be absorbed for a couple of minutes. Then wipe the excess off with a clean dry tissue.

For hands, body and feet: This cream because of it richness can be used on hands (in place of a different hand cream), body (instead of body lotion) and feet (for dry feet).
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The packaging is small enough to fit in a handbag and big enough to help you be sorted for a small travel trip. I always have to remind myself to not be snobbish and believe that only expensive things are worth trying!

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