Banila Co. Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm – REVIEW

I finished using the Banila Co. Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm recently and I am ready to officially post my thoughts about it here on the blog. I got it a few months ago from their store in Sinsa while window shopping. The Anniversary edition packaging sucked me in haha. Actually this was my first time trying out their products and pretty much my first time browsing through their store. I am not sure why I never went there even though I have tried so many Korean brands now. So anyway, as I mentioned in my haul post, I picked up the Deep Black Gel eyeliner along with this cleansing balm. So here is what I think about the Banila Co. Cleansing Balm…

Banila Co cleanser

Banila Co. Clean it Zero Special Edition – Cleansing Balm

Product: Banila Co. Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm

Claim: Not available in English anywhere 🙁

Quantity: 100 ml

Price: 18000 KRW (18$)

How to Use a Cleansing Balm: 

  1. Take a blueberry sized amount of the cleansing balm on the palm of your hand using the spatula and massage it over your face until it dissolves all the makeup. (Takes 2 minutes)
  2. Wash your face with fresh water until all the cleansing balm emulsifies and there is no residue on the skin.
  3. Use a gentle cleansing foam and wash your face to reveal clean fresh skin!
  4. In case of some eye makeup on the waterline, use a Q-tip to remove it.
banila co cleansing balm

Banila Co. Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm

This was my first time using a Cleansing balm so I really enjoyed the thick Solidified Coconut Oil consistency of the cleansing balm. This makes it really travel-friendly. I did get a small travel-size bottle of this one but I think this one can be easily transferred and carried in portable bottle anyway. It smells pleasant but as good as I am at describing scents (pun intended), I think it is a bit fruity and sweet.

banila co Cleansing Balm

Banila Co Cleansing Balm Demo and Review

One of the minus points in my opinion is that I am not a huge fan of parabens and mineral oil in skincare products and this one contains both. Another thing is that for the first few times you can end up using more products than you need (I was much into scooping the product out, I always ended up with extra at my hands). I think despite getting 100 ml of the product, it did not last me more than 40 uses which makes this a product a little bit expensive (it already is at 18$ but becomes even more because it does not last as long).

makeup cleanser review

Banila Co Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm

But as a cleansing agent, this is perfect. I had trouble removing my Etude House Volumecra with the Estee Lauder Take it Away Gentle Eye and Lip LongWear Makeup Remover but this one this melted it away. And there has never been a residue of any kind from the heaviest eye makeup, foundation etc. So in terms of what this is supposed to do, it works wonderfully, at least for me. And the best part is my face does not feel dry or stripped of moisture after washing my face. And for my waterline, I use the Etude House Eraser Show Remover Bars or simle Q tips (wet them before wiping to avoid irritating the eyes). If the cleansing balm goes into the eyes, you get cloudy vision for a few minutes so keep ’em closed while massaging your face 😉

Rating: 4/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: Maybe

So here is the summary of my review: The Banila Co. Clean  it Zero Cleansing Balm is a good at removing all kinds of makeup including waterproof makeup, slightly expensive, removes eye makeup (except waterline), easy to use, travel-friendly, contains parabens and mineral oil, smells fruity! I may not repurchase this because I want to try other cleansing products ad currently I am using alternating between Estee Lauder Take it Away Eye and Lip makeup remover and Nature Republic Aloe Cleansing Cream. As a sneak peek of reviews of those, they do not compare to the Banila Co. Cleansing Balm!

Have you tried the Banila Co. Clean it Zero Cleansing Balm? What do you use to remove makeup?


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