Banjara’s Natural Henna Powder Review

Banjara’s Natural Henna Powder Review

Hello everyone, today I am going to review Banjara’s Natural Henna which can be used for beautiful hair, or as a temporary tattoo for the body especially palms and feet. Henna, also called Mehendi In Hindi, has been used for a long time to condition and color hair naturally. Henna is widely used in Ayurveda and has numerous benefits for hair. Henna is also mixed with water (and kept for hours to develop color) before applying on the palms or feet in intricate designs.

henna powder

Banjara’s Natural Henna Powder

Product: Banjara’s Natural Henna

Price: 30 INR

Quantity: 100gm.

Claim: Banjara’s Natural Henna is 100% natural with no added preservatives. It is free dyes and harsh additives. Banjara’s Natural Henna with its many benefits works on the hair and skin, as it has both medical and cosmetically properties.

Banjara's Henna Powder review

Banjara’s Henna Powder

Benefits of using Henna:

  • Henna can be used to colour hair. It imparts a beautiful reddish brown color to the hair
  • It is free of harmful chemicals and has no side effects. People who are allergic to chemical dyes can use Henna
  • Henna can be used as a conditioner especially for oily hair
  • It gives you silky and shiny hair.

Some months back I bought Banjara’s Henna powder. It comes in a sachet packaging and the powder is green in colour. It smells like henna leaves. I used this powder just to give a reddish brown shade which shows in sunlight and to get healthy hair.

I mixed it with raw milk and created a paste with it. I left it overnight and then applied it on my hair separating it in small sections. I waited for 40 minutes and then washed it away. My hair got really silky and soft after wash. It gave a light brown tint to my hour which showed in sunlight. I really loved it.

I love this product, the powder is so soft and finely grained. The packaging is travel-friendly. I loved the smell of this powder; I feel it is 100% natural henna powder. This henna can be also used for creating Mehendi designs on the hands and feet. I love the fact that it is 100 % natural henna powder, has no added preservatives or harsh additives.

Banjara's Natural Henna Powder review

Banjara’s Natural Henna Powder

Rating: 5/5

Repurchase: Yes

Recommend: Yes

Overall I want to say, I loved this henna powder. I would highly recommend it to people looking for henna powder for hair or the body (for a temporary tattoo).

Guest post by Suzanna Charly.

Editor’s Note: Thank you for your review Suzanna. I have used Henna on my hair and used to love the reddish brown tint it gave to my hair. It was a part of my hair care routine. I have been using hair color now since I suffer from premature greying of hair.

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