Bare Escentuals Lip pencil and gloss set

Throwback Thursday #2! This is a series of posts where I discuss about the makeup and beauty things I have used in the past which may or may not be available in the market now. So today I am doing a quick post on the Bare Escentuals lip pencil and gloss set.

bare Escentuals discontinued lips set

Bare Escentuals Lip Lips Lips set

I bought this set in Malmö, Sweden in July 2010. I was there with my husband on weeklong work related trip and I was getting bored one day so I ventured out of my hotel into Malmö central and found an Ahlens city store. In Sweden, it is one of the most sought-after department store and was my favorite so I started looking at things in the makeup section. I had heard of Bare Minerals but not Bare Escentuals so I was confused when i saw their Lips Lips Lips set. It was on discount. And Ahlens City does not sell makeup on discount usually so I grabbed it (shopaholic me!)

It is a three lip pencil cum stick and three lip gloss set. I do not have remember the names but I do remember how I felt about them. They are soft and creamy but not highly pigmented. The lip stick-cum-pencil form is the USP of the product in my opinion becuasr they did not perform any better than regular lipsticks. The lipglosses were also pretty average. I also researched a little and found out that Bare Minerals is a part of the Bare Escentuals umbrella.

I do think I need to review these because it has been 3 years and this set is not available in stores now. But if I were to review it, I would give it a 3.5/5 and not repurchase it! However I loved the consistency of the lip sticks and glosses a lot so I would look into Bare Escentuals new lip colors and sets.

Throwback Thursday is a series of posts where I talk about makeup and beauty products I have used in the past, before becoming a beauty blogger. Some of these products may not be available in the market today. This series is my way of looking at the change/growth rate in the beauty world!

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