Basic Hair Accessories Haul

I have thick wavy hair and sadly many strands have turned grey 🙁 I mean I am not even 30 yet! I do not know who to blame except the stressful job I held on to for more than 4 years or my genes. My mother had her first grey hair after the age of 40 but I had to pick up my genes from my paternal aunts who have battled with apple body shapes, stubby fingers and premature graying of hair 🙁

I only colored my hair once at the age of 16 and then I basically destroyed my hair. I fail to understand how people who color their hair according to seasons or mood maintain a head full of hair because just one time trying to add temporary streaks to my jet black hair added greys and made my hair turn brown-ish. I do blame myself for poor eating habits but …. It’s just no fair.

After this experience, I never colored my hair and did not even apply Henna like other Indian girls. I just plain stopped playing with my hair. Still my hair kept on going worse. Now more than a decade after those bad decisions I am going to have some fun with my hair. I am done with ponytails and occasional french braids.

It is time for updos, half-up down hair, sleek straight hair and awesome blow drys. My hair is going bad anyway so I might as well have fun with it.

I picked up a few hair accessories from Naughty Cat, an accessory shop in Seoul and am going to do something interesting with my hair. These are just a few basic hair accessories to get me started.

It’s been so many years since I used a clutch clip to hold my hair other than after conditioning in the shower.

Photo of Hair Accessories I bought on a small Tom & Jerry drawing I made

Small Hair accessory haul

I bought this beige flower rubber band to add some fun to a simple updo, clutch clips for half-up down blow dried hair days, black rubber band to accessorize a sleek ponytail (of my straightened hair) and plastic comb to detangle my hair on the go! This is just the beginning, I am going to add cuter accessories to my collection soon. By the way the Tom & Jerry poster is what I made for a Photo A Day Challenge at my Lifestyle and Photography blog. Check it out here.

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