BB Cream or Foundation – Which one to choose?

BB Cream craze is widening its reach thoroughout the world. Beauty brands are churning out BB creams by the minute. There is always a new one to try in the market now. Each company makes new claims ranging from skincare benefits, sun protection, whitening, anti-ageing or a combination of all of these. So where does the foundation stand in this new light? Are foundations racing to extinction? No. Then which one should you choose?

BB Cream:

BB cream abbreviations range from for Beauty Balm, Beblesh Balm, Blemish Balm depending upon the brand. Mostly these are creams with tint which are heavier than tinted moisturizers, lighter than foundations and also have skincare benefits like Sun protection, whitening, anti-aging, etc.

BB creams come in cream form (balm texture), lotion form and Cushion form!

BB creams are suitable for people who do not have many skin issues or do not want to apply a foundation. In my opinion, BB creams are a good alternative for young people because they are not as heavy as the foundations. They are usually light to medium coverage but these properties vary with brand and type of BB cream!

BB creams come in various forms but despite SPF and PA factors, I think since we use a small quantity at a time, we still need a sunscreen. The whitening, anti-ageing properties also vary from brands to brand.

BB creams have stolen the spotlight and made Tinted Moisturizers hide in the background. And now CC creams are getting more popular. Soon it will be DD, EE creams and what not but for now BB creams are here to stay.

I have heard that Asian BB creams – Korean, Japanese – are better than the BB creams from other parts of the world. I only have the Etude House Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB cream so I will try out more Bb creams this year to see if the claims are true!


Foundations range from powder, balm, lotion, cream, spray form! They come in – Light, medium, heavy, airbrush coverage. Foundations are the heaviest form of makeup for the skin. And I do not use foundations every single day. I prefer using BB creams (even though I do not use them everyday either).

For everyday use and especially for people with good skin (and young adults) BB creams are a better option. Of course try the brands and Bb creams to see which one suits your preferences.

Hope this information is helpful for you and you can now decide whether to choose a BB cream or Foundation!

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