BeautyGlimpse – Indian Beauty, Health and Lifestyle Website REVIEW

Hi everyone, today I am reviewing an Indian Beauty, Health and Lifestyle website – BeautyGlimpse. I do not get to read a lot of Indian blogs and websites so it is always fun to stumble upon a new site in my niche.

About BeautyGlimpse:

Started by a team of industry experts, BeautyGlimpse is the destination for unbiased and expert beauty advice, home remedies, beauty tips, deals and fashion trends all in one place available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

indian website review

Beauty Glimpse – Website Review

There are hundreds of articles that deal with various topics starting from homemade beauty and hair treatments, makeup reviews, skin care and health tips. Everything is neatly and aptly arranged into categories and the topics can be accessed through the top menu, from the sidebar and also from the homepage.

I usually encounter websites with topics in one niche but it is nice to find a website that caters to everything we women care to read about. I was especially drawn to the at-home beauty and hair care remedies. I always try to use natural products on my skin and having this information on my fingertips is really convenient!

BeautyGlimpse is present on all major Social Media platforms from Facebook, Twitter to Pinterest and Google Plus making it easy to follow in our busy lives. I mentioned this specifically because I know how important it is for brands and websites to interact directly with their audience.

But in terms of User Friendliness and general site design, I found it a little confusing with so many links and banners on the homepage. All the topics covered on the website appear in the Menubar on top, sidebar, a clickable dynamic headline box above the content, in the sidebar in banners, in the sidebar in links and also under the post content. With so much visual stimulation, I found it hard to concentrate and read to find out the topics of my interest at first. Of course once I got used to it, it did not bother me much at all but at first glance, it seemed a bit much.

indian beauty glimpse website review

Beauty Glimpse website

Overall I am so glad to find a Indian website with International standards and amazing content. It just goes to show how fast Indian beauty scene is developing! Do check out the website in case you are interested ūüôā

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed in this review are my own and based on my experience. I have never accepted money in exchange for favorable reviews.

Note: The photos are direct screenshots from the BeautyGlimpse website and belongs to them.

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