5 Best Apps for Live Fashion & Makeup Tips

5 Best Apps for Live Fashion & Makeup Tips

Orkut was the first ever social media network I had tried. It seemed so novel, so unique. Just by making my profile on it, I felt like I had changed in some way. I could connect with friends and share a piece of my life with them. I mean how cool is that? Or should I say was that? Fast forward to 2015 there are hundreds of thousands of social media portals. But we are busy with a handful of chosen ones. And many times we do not have time to login to our desktops so we need everything in our phone. Consequently apps have taken over our lives now!

There is an app for creating a to-do list, budgeting, music, meditation, cooking, etc. Every major website has a corresponding app and most of them are releasing their apps for both Apple and Android devices. Since I have been glued to my Samsung Note 3, I thought I would share 5 of my favorite Android Apps for Live Fashion & Makeup tips.

1. #fame

android app for fashion and makeup tips


#fame is an Asia-based app which is an obvious choice for me because in my opinion, it is an all-rounder. Not only can you interact with other people on the app or website but you can also showcase your talent by Live streaming yourself and share your talent with the world. It is like a broadcasting platform with a social media twist. Anyone can register and start streaming. The terminology is so cute for the Fame App. When you stream, you beam!

There are celebrities, makeup pros, fitness experts, stylists and more sharing live fashion tips. You can watch them live or at a later time because the beams are archived. There are daily shows for fitness, dance tutorials, Bollywood Movie Reviews, makeup tutorials, celebrity dresses, etc. that you can tune in to see everyday at a scheduled time like a TV show.

You get to choose what you want and when you want it! One of my favorite things to watch is celebrity makeup breakdown or tutorials. I also like to see make-up tutorial live, in fact I tune in at the time of the weekly shows of my favorite makeup artist.

And while many other apps like Periscope delete the content streamed within 24 hours, your content stays up on Fame for your followers to see and reference in the future! So for celebrity makeup, Bollywood gyaan, celebrity live make-up tips, etc. register with Fame, it’s FREE!

2. Netflix

Netflix App


I bet you have heard about Netflix. If you haven’t, it is the app the whole world has gone crazy after.

Netflix App is a US-based app which is an extension of Netflix platform. Netflix platform is a global provider of TV show and movie streams. So when you buy monthly subscription for Netflix, you get unlimited access to TV shows and movies on the Netflix App too. The list is updated regularly so there are latest episodes available. Netflix is a paid service but it pays for itself in terms of the content it offers! It will change your life and change the way you perceive entertainment! Netflix is home to infinite useful content, I love browsing it for beauty and fashion shows. I can watch them on repeat all day learning something every minute from the experts. I love watching makeup artists talk about the latest trends in the makeup industry. I also love it when stylists showcase how to create celeb looks for less!

Netflix App can be accessed with Netflix service subscription.

3. V Live Broadcasting App

V-Live Broadcasting App

V-live Broadcasting

Fan of K-pop? Then the V Live Broadcasting App by Naver is for you. Ever since I lived in Korea, I became a huge fan of a few K pop bands and even after moving back to India,I have not given up my addiction to K-pop. And thanks to V Live App, I can keep myself updated about the latest happenings in the lives of my favorite celebrities and bands. V Live Broadcasting app is like a personal broadcasting video platform for celebs. There is a schedule listed in the “Upcoming Tab” so you can tune in just to see the stream of your choice! And your love for a celeb is measured by the Chemi-beats (relationship index between a celeb and you) you accumulate!

So while Netflix gives us the content that is the reel world, V Live shows us the real life of celebrities. I love knowing more about my celebrities and behind the scenes footage from their recordings. A lot of celebrities also have their makeup artists share the how-to get the celebrity look tutorials, I love watching them. From makeup to fashion, you get tips on how to recreate the celebrity look.

V-live Broadcasting is a FREE App!

4. Twitcasting Viewer

Twitcasting App


Twitcasting is a Japan-based app that can be used stream promotional content. It is similar to Meerkat and Periscope but it is more popular in Asia. One of the key features which differentiate Twitcasting Viewer from other apps is that in addition to the normal Audio/Video mode, it has an Audio/Radio mode. This can be used by people and artists trying to create content relying 100% on audio! Another key element is that they allow non-registered members to create and broadcast content. According to some reports. 50% of the Twitcasting users are non-registered. One of the main reasons I love this app is because you get a close look at the Asian beauty and fashion industry. When I was in Korea, I tested out many Korean and Japanese makeup and beauty products. I also experienced the fashion first hand. It is one of a kind and definitely worth looking into. So for incorporating the flirty and cute fashion in that part of the world, be a Twitcaster!

Twitcasting Viewer is a free app!

5. Meercat

Meerkat App


Meerkat is a US-based live streaming app very similar to its popular counterpart Periscope. Meerkat is just a broadcasting tool so you can go live to share your talent with the world. Once the broadcast is complete, the footage is deleted so there are no archives. So once it’s over, it’s over. Meerkat is however, easy to make money from since viewers can send in gold bars and other such gifts in the app which cost money and the broadcasters get a share out of it! Meerkat is not really live since there is a delay of 30 seconds between recording and streaming. There are plenty of established bloggers and vloggers streaming daily to share their fashion and makeup tips live with their audience.

Meerkat is a FREE app so install it on your phone today!


If you are thinking- “Ritu, I already have enough apps on my phone.” I’d say download the #fame App out of the 5 Video on Demand apps! The #fame app is social media, live streaming, entertainment, Bollywood updates, talent show, and everything else rolled in one App. So with get just the fame app and you are sorted! You can showcase your talent to the world and also connect with like-minded people. One of the best content on fashion and makeup tips can be found on the fame app! And since it a home-grown app, it has an resistible appeal for the Asian audience!

So these are the 5 Apps that I think are the best for Live Fashion and Makeup Tips. Share your favorite apps in the comments section below!

FTC: Brought to you in association with #fame.

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