Best Makeup Product by The Body Shop

Best Makeup item by The Body Shop

Its “Throwback Thursday” time and I am so glad that I get a chance to talk about the best (Yes, the best – not – one of the best) makeup product launched by The Body Shop that I tried. It is The Autumn Leaves Palette in 02 Berry.

The Body Shop autumn leaves makeup palette

The best Body Shop makeup product ever – Autumn leaves palette in 02 Berry

* This was the only pic of that palette I had left with me 🙁 Sorry for the bad picture quality.

It was a limited edition set released in the fall of 2010. I was a crazy lady until I landed it finally in January 2011 from a sale in Sweden. I kept on seeing it until the end of 2011 in India but after that, to my utter dismay, it vanished!

The palette was released in two shades – brown and pink. I bought the pink one because I was not a big fan of neutral eye. I regretted not buying the o1 Palette though.

I got a good use out of the palette. I used the colors together or paired with other eye shadows. I used it as blush by swirling my brush across the whole palette at a time or concentrating on one particular shade. Every single color worked well and looked great.

I do not see it in Korea right now and it is not listed on the website 🙁  I hope they bring it back this fall or include it in their regular line 🙂 It was a beautiful palette to look at and use!

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