Birthday Special – Accessories haul

My birthday falls on Sunday (tomorrow!!!) and I’m more excited than a 5 years old. I bought a Yellow dress from Forever 21 and a Black metal Geometric pattern statement necklace to wear for my birthday dinner. I also bought a couple of tops that I can wear even in summer. I plan to wear one of the tops with my jeggings for cake cutting at night and the other for the breakfast at a nearby coffee shop and the day. I never used to plan my outfits like this but I am somehow more into it this year. Maybe because it is my second to last year in my 20’s. I am not scared of growing up. I just want to make the most of my 20’s, haha!

So anyway, I picked up a few accessories from Naughty cat and Forever 21 in addition to my birthday shopping. These are my gifts to me for my birthday!

Cute accessories

My birthday gift to me!

(clockwise from top left) I bought the Hello Kitty necklace from Insadong. It was 10000 KRW and I love it.

The fur earmuffs are from Naughty cat. I bought these in pale pink because they match my winter coat.

I am a proud Aquarian so I had to have an Aquarius necklace!

I love pearls so I bought Four-in-one pearl set from Forever 21. I love it.

If you have seen my Accessories from Sweden post, you know I am an accessories hoarder. I don’t even know when I will get to wear them. But I love collecting accessories!

Do you love accessorizing? Which type of accessories are your favorite?

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