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Simple Nail Art ideas

I have been getting more and more interested in doing my nails now. If you would have asked me 2 years ago if I would spend hours a week (probable at least a couple) to tend to my nails or beautify my nails, I would have given you a blank stare! But time has changed or perhaps I have and I am now posting about my ‘nail art designs’ that ‘I do’!

nail art design ideas

Blue and silver accent nail art NOTD


This week I did pretty simple but beautiful blue and silver nails. They are pretty easy to do.

Nail art with accent nail:

Step1: Apply the base color (if you want apply a base coat first). Wait for it to dry completely.

For Accent nail: Apply a clear nail paint and dip your nail in loose glitter powder. Then press with a sponge to even out the application. OR simply apply with a sponge evenly all over the surface over the nail!

Step 2: Take a small amount of a glittery nail paint preferably (containing different sizes of glittery chunks on the nails) on a flat base. And with a nail sponge (I used a small part of a  makeup sponge) dab the glitter close to the tip of the nails. Cover 1/3rd of the nail using this technique.

Step 3: Apply a top coat to seal everything together!

It is pretty easy and I am quite pleased with how this manicure turned out. I got a few compliments on it and I saw a few girls looking at my nails in the subway (that never happens)!

nail art design products used

Products used for Blue and silver with accent nail NOTD

Products used

  • The Face Shop Face it nail paint BL606
  • Organic Farm (Daiso) Nail art trio set (contained three little containers for nail art, one of them had loose blue glitter)
  • The Face Shop Colored Paper Nails SL212 + Organic Farm (Daiso) Diamond Pearl Nail #09
  • Nail art sponge (I used a small piece of makeup sponge)
  • The Face Shop Face it Gel Tough Nail Top Coat

I am planning to do a few Valentine’s day nail art idea posts and also a few makeup posts. My birthday is also coming up next month so I am quite excited. There a lot of review posts coming up in the future. Stay tuned and subscribe to get notifications!

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