The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Massage Soap – Review, Photos

I picked up 3 products from The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil range – shower gel, massage soap, body butter – within the week it was launched in India. I reviewed the Wild Argan Oil Body Butter recently and am here today to share my views on The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Massage soap!

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The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Massage Soap

Product: The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Massage Soap

Claim: Enjoy a full body massage and cleanse with this luxurious bar, enriched with organic Community Fair Trade argan oil from Morocco. Tension relieving massage Massage in to stimulate micro-circulation!

How to use: Use with warm water to massage and cleanse skin, focusing on pressure points to help relieve tension.

Quantity: 150 g

Price: 350 INR

I have a special place in my heart for The Body Shop products. And it is because years ago when I heard about their products (when were not as accessible in India as they are today), I tried many things to get their stuff. Fast forward to 2010 I ended up in Sweden where TBS stores were as wide-spread as tea shops here in Bangalore. So I got to sniff, touch and try many The Body Shop products. I did a Throwback Thursday post a long time ago to show a tiny photo of the collection I had built then. And of course I do not just buy their products just for the nostalgia factor. TBS make quality products that I usually end up liking, are a cruelty-free brand and give back to the community. This is also the reason I always try to pick up any product newly launched in India. I picked up this massage soap with high expectations.

I am a bit disappointed to say that I am not totally in love with this product. It smells like the rest of the Wild Argan Oil products but I think it is a tad bit artificial in comparison. I have not felt any effect in the hydration department, I mean I still have to apply a body lotion/cream. The soap lathers well enough and I do feel clean but then I am spending 350 bucks for that? I can get that effect from a soap that costs 5 times less!

the body shop massage soap review

The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Massage soap

In terms of massage, I do like the concept of this product but could not really make the most of it; there is a possibility of some shortcoming on my part but I am listing my full experience so I need to express it. I tried using this soap as a regular soap (on the plain side) while taking a shower and using the massage side (shown in the picture above) on my calves, thighs and arms. I honestly did not notice any “relaxation” by the massage per say. Plus the size of the soap is a bit big for my tiny hands (I am a big small-boned gal). It was a bit of a fun challenge for me to keep the soap in my hand while taking the shower because it kept on slipping from my hands. I did get a few good laughs (sometimes frustration too).

PS – I am usually particular about added colors and fragrance but for shower gels, soaps and bath bombs I overlook this, mainly because I believe they will be washed away with water.

Rating: 3.5/5

Recommend: Maybe

Repurchase: No

Even though I did not have a bad experience with this product, I will not be repurchasing it; one because of the size and two because I think bath products are the only ones I can safely experiment with as much as I want so rarely go back to a product I have tried. 

Have you tried The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Massage soap? Which is your favorite bath product ever? Comment below!

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