Bourjois Paris – Quintet Eye Pearls Palette review

Bourjois products have not been on the top my wish list ever for some strange reasons – the major one being that the beauty gurus I watch on YouTube do not have access to Bourjois as much. So since that I do not hear much about them, I do not think a lot about them and hence do put them on my wish list!

I came across the Bourjois Paris Eye Pearls Quintet palettes at a department store here in Seoul and fell in love with the packaging and the shade combos. It has been lying in the corner of my vanity waiting to be blogger about and subsequently used. The palette that I have is the Illusion (62) palette.

Photo of Bourjois Paris Eye Pearl Quartet eyeshadow palette in Illusion (62) and swatches for review

Bourjois Paris Eye Pearl Quartet eyeshadow palette in Illusion (62)

The Eye pearls palettes come in trios and Quintets I think. The Quintet palettes come in 4 shades (more are being introduced now I guess) – Creation (61), Illusion (62), Sublimation (63), Revelation (64).

I went for Illusion because I loved the pale pink and violet hues this palette. The other three palettes looked good too. But when I came back home and swatched these and also applied then on my eyelids, I was disappointed. The colors are too sheer. And even though the highlight shade (on top left in the palette) looks very good under the browbone, the rest of the shades do not show up much.

I have dark eyelids (urgh!) so these sheer shades all look the same!

The product description on Bourjois website:

Création (61) : seductive blue, grey and black hues
Illusion (62) : tender pink, mauve and violet hues
Sublimation (63) : precious beige, brown and gold hues
Révélation (64) : audacious green and kaki hues

Of course the shades in my palette are “tender”. Too tender to even show up! haha.

I loved the packaing and the color choice in each of the palettes. Better pigmentation and these would have been a hit in my eyes!

How to use (according to the website):

1. The illuminator is ideal to brighten up the eyes when applied under the brow or to the inner corner of the eye.
2. Use the satiny tone over the whole eyelid to blend.
3. Apply the darkest shade as a liner along the upper lashline to outline the eye contour.
4. Apply little touches of shimmer to add sparkle to your eyes
5. Apply the sculptor to the outer corner for shape.

One of the things that I overlooked in the packaging before buying was the amount of each shadow I am getting at the price and also the problems with fallouts. Even though I have not used it as much, I think using these with a fluffy crease brush is a little difficult than standard flat (and wide) packaging of eye-shadows in other products.

I will make a way to get a good use out of these to get the value of my money but as such they were a little disappointment to me. I think they have better pigmented blushes! What are your thoughts about the Bourjois Paris Quintet Eye Pearl palettes?

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