Bring the Bling – Accessorizing my Samsung S3 (phone cover)

I bought a second hand Samsung S3 last month. I was having fun using my phone and the Hello Kitty cover but somehow I got bored of it. And I never get bored of Hello Kitty merchandise. I plan to show my Hello Kitty obsession to the world soon!

So I bought a girly classy cover full of bling from a phone accessories shop yesterday. I had seen a phone at the Swarovski store in Bangalore in 2011 and had yearned for one from that point onwards (Sex And The City Movie might be a culprit too).

Swarovski crystals are expensive so a phone body full of those crystals definitely would be pricey so I gave up on that materialistic dream. Once I bought my Samsung S3 my eyes were opened to a whole new world full of phone bling and luxury!

After using my Hello Kitty cover for a month, I decided to rotate the phone jacket and selected this phonecase.

Photo collage of new cover for my Samsung S3

My new bling-y Samsung cover

The cover is a basic phone jacket and does not have a book types structure (like my Hello Kitty case). I love absolutely love it. This was also available in Golden and Black.

I chose Silver because I love cool toned bling (Blue shimmer, silver jewelry etc.) I will keep rotating the covers till I am here and will pick up a new one while going back to India. I don’t know why but a new phone cover brings a sense of novelty and excitement to me.

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