Canmake Hyper Slim Gel Eyeliner – Review, FOTD!

Canmake Hyper Slim Gel Eyeliner – Review, FOTD, Price!

A couple of months ago, I was on a Canmake Hyper Slim gel Eyeliner rut. Canmake is an affordable Japanese makeup brand. I was using this eyeliner for every eye makeup look I created. It was so sleek, I sometimes used light strokes to do my brows, used it to tighline, add it on my waterline or just use it to create a flick of my eyeliner for a sharp cat eye look. This is slimmest pencil gel liner I have ever come across and it is truly a multi-purpose product. So here is a review for this Canmake Hyper Slim Eyeliner!

Canmake Hyper Slim Gel Eyeliner review

Canmake Hyper Slim Gel Eyeliner

Product: Canmake Hyper Slim Gel Eyeliner

Price: $ 10 (~600 INR) | Buy Canmake Eyeliner Online

Claim: Canmake Hyper Slim Gel Eyeliner comes in a tantalizingly creamy texture in a hyper-slim gel 1.5 mm ultra sharp tip. It is waterproof, gives a bold, rich, jet black line and keeps the perfect line for hours!

Quantity: 0.5 oz

Canmake Hyper Slim Gel Eyeliner price

Canmake Hyper Slim Gel Eyeliner

Canmake Hyper Slim Gel Eye Liner comes in a black retractable plastic pen form with gold print. It is a classic and attractive packaging. And even though most pencil gel liners are in similar packaging, this was is slimmer and hence stands out! The 1.5mm tip is the sleekest one I have ever used in pencil gel liners so it is definitely a special product for me. But the slim tip makes it a bit delicate so you have to be a bit careful to how much you pressure you apply.

This eyeliner has a good color payoff and swatches as jet black as it looks in the packaging. Until I came across Maybelline the Colossal Kajal Super Black, I considered this Canmake eyeliner to be the blackest black pencil eyeliner.

buy Canmake Hyper Slim Gel Eyeliner

Canmake Hyper Slim Gel Eyeliner

It has a creamy formula which glides well on the eyes and sets to a satin finish. It can be smudged before it sets and since it takes a bit of time to settle, you have plenty of time to play with it. I used it for precision, my point being why use a slim tip to create a smudged look 😉

I have water-y eyes but still this eyeliner stayed all day with little fading especially around the corners . It did not vanish comepletely. Little retouching in the middle of the day ensured my eyes looked defined all day! My only issue was that there was too little of the product in the packaging. It took me less than 2 months to finish it off. Of course it happened partly because I had gone crazy about it and used it every single day!

The only issue might have been availability but these days is our best friend! They stock Canmake and sell it at a great price. Buy it here.

FOTD featuring the Canmake Hyper Slim Gel Eyeliner:

Canmake Hyper Slim Gel Eyeliner fotd


Rating: 4.75/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: Yes

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Overall, Canmake Hyperslim gel liner is an afforable, creamy and pigmented eye liner. It glides smoothly and gives an opaque finish in one swipe. Two swipes made me like the look even more. The packaging is attractive and it is definitely perfect for carrying around for touch ups. The slim tip makes it a multi-purpose product. Highly recommend it!

Have you tried the Canmake Hyper Slim Gel Eyeliner? Which is your favorite eyeliner? Comment below!

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