Chanel Eyeshadow Quad – 94 Reflets Palette Review

Chanel Eyeshadow Quad – 94 Reflets REVIEW, Swatches

Hello everyone! Today I am here with one of things I cherish the most from my makeup collection. I have loved Chanel from the day I first came across the Chanel Makeup booth in a Bangalore mall. It was in 2008 and I was just getting started with makeup. I owned only Lakme makeup items and some really cheap local makeup items. Chanel makeup looked so angelic displayed on the counter, black packaging looked really classy. And that is when I decided I would buy Chanel makeup when I have enough money. Three years later, I was reminded of my resolution when I got Chanel Eyeshadow Quad 94 Reflets as a gift from my husband when he returned from a two month trip to Sweden.

So let’s see why I love this quad – Les 4 Ombres Quadra Eyeshadow in 94 Reflets – so much.

Chanel Les 4 Ombres eyeshadow quad palette

Chanel Eyeshadow Quad – 94 Reflets

Photo #1 – Chanel 94 reflets eyeshadow quad in packaging

Photo #2 – The eyeshadow shades, velvet sleeve

Photo #3 – Wet swatch of brown shade, dry swatch of brown shade, dry swatch of champagne shade, wet swatch of champagne shade.

Photo #4 – Wet swatch of gold shade, dry swatch of gold shade, dry swatch of green shade, wet swatch of green shade.

I do not think that the photos do justice to the beauty of the colors in this quad. But you get the idea!

Chanel is one of those brands that pretends to be so special that you believe it too and feel good after using it. I know these things are marketing strategies of brands which succeed for some brands like Chanel, Dior, YSL. They produce nice products which may or may not turn out the best quality but are always packaged so nicely that they feel like treats. And of course they come at a price.

So anyway. this was my first ever eyeshadow quad and I loved it. I learned quite late that these eyeshadows can be used dry or wet, I was using them dry but man do they look amazing wet!

The swatches on the center are dry swacthes while the 4 on the outside are corresponding wet swatches. I love how vibrant and unique the green color looks wet. All of these colors look really good together or alone, they even blend well with other colors. These are buildable so it is easy to create soft to bold looks with these colors.

As you might have guessed from the photo collage, I do use sponge-tip applicators given with this quad. Actually I use them when I am using the eyeshadows wet. I believe that sponge tips help more with intensifying colors when wet. I do not really think the velvet pouch is of any use other than to keep the packaging safe however it adds to the feel of luxury.

Rating – 5/5

Recommend – Yes

Repurchase – Yes

I love this quad to pieces or at least as much as I can love a makeup item. I would love to try more of the Chanel Eyeshadow quad palettes. I have heard a lot of great things about Chanel blushes and lipglosses and I am quite intrigued by Rouge Allure so the next items on my wishlist from Chanel are: Rouge Coco Shine lip sticks and lip glosses!

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