Clinique Duty Free Shopping – Jeju Haul

Hello! I am back – tanned, tired and fulfilled from the vacation of my life! I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Jeju and so many of my dreams came true on this trip. Dreams in the things-I-wanna-do-before-I-die kinda way. We did Scuba diving, submarine tour, ATV ride, playing in a sandy beach, making sandcastle, collect seashells etc. I got hella tanned – there are three different skincolors on my arm and two on my legs! But we had the time of our lives.

So anyway I flew back yesterday from Jeju and was so tired and sleepy that I barely started my “Photo A Day Experiment” (See Day1 here) on my other website properly. I fell a lot better but still very tired and sore. In all this sleepiness and soreness, I still managed to take advantage of Duty-free shopping at the Jeju Airport.

Jeju Airport had one big outlet with all the international brands – Clinique, Chanel, Dior, YSL, Shiseido, Makeup forever, The Body Shop etc. I wanted to checkout the Chubby Sticks but one was worth 27000KRW so I started looking around. And then my eyes locked with the a set of Clinique full potential lips Plump and Shine Mini Duo -10 small lip glosses in one tiny case! I was short on lip glosses so I thought this may be a good investment 😉

Photo of Jeju Souvenir and Duty-free shopping haul

Jeju Souvenir and Duty-free shopping

I also picked up a perfume – Jeju Cherry Blossoms EdT (20ml), Jeju chocolates and a cute pen. This perfume is one of the most pleasant Cherry Blossoms scent I have ever sniffed. I love love love Cherry Blossoms so I had to but this. And a stationery-addict girl has to buy cute pens. Of course I bought it in the name of “souvenir”!

The Clinique lipglosses are beautiful and feel nice on the lips. I ought the combo at 55000 KRW (I think). It feels like a good deal. I kinda paid 5500 (~4.5$) per color. So anyway whatever the maths says I bought it and I’m loving it! The shades look even better in person. I will have to dedicate a day to do all the swatches on my lips! Till then here are the swatches on my arm!

Photo of clinique full potantial lips plump and shine mini duo set glosses and swatches

Clinique full potential lips plump and shine mini duo set gloss swatches

Left to right (up/down):

Glamour-full (03) / Mimosa Blossom (06)
Peach Plump (02) / Ripest Apricot (05)
Cherry Bomb (09) / Play-full Plump (08)
Pink Aplenty (19) / Soooo Pink (07)
Luscious Lilac (13)/ Double Plum (16)

The shades Ripest Apricot and Play-full Plump look the same in the swatches but they are slightly different. One is baby pink and the other light beige.

I do not usually go for glosses when I buy cosmetics because I’m a lipstick gal. I rarely apply a gloss on top, I usually layer some lip balm over my lips after lipstick for the glossy look (damn you dry lips!) These might be stored for special occasions! It is funny that I wanted to buy a chubby stick badly and when I saw the price, I came home with something double the price which was not on my wishlist at all. I don’t know why do I do that. I call it the middle-class mentality 🙁

The best thing that I bought are of course the souvenirs. I usually buy fridge magnets but for the first time ever, I bought something else. These are called Grandfather rocks and are very famous in Jeju. They are also considered must-have souvenirs (haha) in Jeju. These sets are available in various colors and sizes. I bought the smallest in gray because I wanted them to retain their rock-like look. I did not see these at the airport but they were available in front of all the tourist places. I bought these near the Cheonjiyeon waterfalls. I am not sure but since the rocks in Jeju are basalt, these might be made of basalt as well! So there you have my Jeju Souvenir and Duty free shopping haul. See you tomorrow!

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