Clio Professional Gelpresso Pencil Gel Liner – Spring/Summer 2014 colors

A quick swatch post on the Clio Professional Gelpresso pencil gel liner shades released for Spring/summer 2014!

Clio Professional has a nice range of pencil gel liners called the Gelpresso pencil gel liner and I have tried many shades now. I also have a set of 5 mini Auto Gelpresso liner pencils (reviewed here). This year Clio Professional has launched 9 new shades for Spring/Summer 2014. I have already covered the 5 Orchid shades released in a special set of 5 mini Gelpresso liner called the “Color of 2014” (See the post here). So here are the 4 new shades that are available in full-size at Olive Young, Boons and Clio professional stores.

clio professional makeup 2014

Clio Professional Gelpresso Pencil Gel Liner – Spring/Summer 2014 New Shades

Product: Clio Professional Gelpresso Pencil Gel Liners

Price: 16000 KRW (16$)

clio professional products

Clio Professional Gelpresso Pencil Gel liner

New shades:

  • 2 R.O.C.K
  • 3 Mintade
  • 4Peace One Day
  • 5 The Groupes
new shades and all swatches

Gelpresso Pencil Gel liners swatches

I did not feel that any of these would work for me so I chose not to buy any of these shades. The photos of the swatches on the packaging show the color very different than how they appeared to me. If they had the same intensity as shown on the packaging, I would have picked up 2 shade – 3 Mintade and 4 Peace One Day. The packaging is same except that the new shades come in white while the old ones are in black!

Have you tried Clio Professional Gelpresso Pencil Gel liners? Which is your favorite brand for pencil liners?

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