Clio Professional Gelpresso Pencil Gel Liners – Swatches and Review

Clio Professional Gelpresso Pencil Liner – Swatches and Review

A new outlet of Olive Young, a cosmetics store in South Korea, opened close to my home recently. I have browsed the store for hours three times already, maybe four. Of course I bought a few things that I will be sharing one of them in this post – The pencil liners named GELPRESSO Pencil Gel Liner by Clio Professional.

Clio Professional is a Korean cosmetics line created in 1993. They have a variety of products and the packaging of their products is super cute. 

A single full length liner costs around 12000 Korean Won (~ 11$) so I decided to buy the 5-pencil set of mini liners. The set actually costs 20,000 ₩ but it was available for 16000 ₩. Woot woot!

Photo collage of clio professional gelpresso eyeliner pencil set

Clio Professional Pencil gel Liner set

I think it was a good deal to try out multiple shades from the line.

Color Description:

The names are descriptive already but I will still try to add more information. (from left to right)

01 Beige Shine – Looks pink in the packaging. It is very creamy and can be used to open up the eyes in place of harsh white liners (lower lash line). It has a definite sheen to it but no sparkly bits. My favorite of the lot till now.

02 Golden Khaki – A khaki with little Golden sparkly bits. My least favorite in the set. A peacock green/blue would have been much more fun.

03 Star Purple – A purple with blue undertones which probably makes it look blue in different lights. There are blue and Fuscia sparkles in this one.

04 Dark Choco – The yellowish Golden sparkly bits add some interest to this otherwise normal brown eyeliner.

05 Golden Black – I already have a few black eye liners but the golden sparkle in this one makes me think that this can be used as a creamy base for a dark smokey eye. I will check and report back when I review these later.
*None of the sparkly eyeliners show indication of flakiness yet. I will use them for some days and review these soon.

I have not yet tried them all on my eyes so on the basis of first impressions, they look good and the color selection is great. I can see myself using these this summer when I’m too lazy to put eye shadow on my OILY eyelids.

I hope you found this post about the Clio Professional Gel liners helpful. Have you tried anything from Clio Professional?