Color Sensational Lipsticks by Maybelline – Mini Haul

I have confessed my love for the Color Sensational Lipsticks by Maybelline in my post here. The Sale was still going on so I decided to go and buy a couple of shades I liked a couple of days ago at the Olive Young (the name actually stands for All Live Young, cheeky huh?) store.

I liked three shades but the Coral Pink shade was sold out so I came back with Pink Peach(P32) and Toffee cream (B43) shades from the Color Sensational lipsticks available here in Korea.

I was excited with my new found bright pink (Soft Azalea featured in my previous Maybelline haul) so I did not pay attention to see if these color will suit me and just went to the billing counter. Sadly when I came back and tried the shades, Pink Peach does not look good on me.

It is another cool toned pink supposed to make your teeth look white (which all cool toned lip colours especially the colors with blue undertones). It was disappointing to see that such a pretty color didn’t suit me. Not everything looks good on everyone so whatever! Toffee cream looked nice on my lips. I like nude shades when they do not wash out my lips. This color is perfect for my skintone.

photos of swatches of my Maybelline color sensational lipsticks

Swatches of Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks

Did you notice the blue nail paint on my thumb? I tried it at The Face Shop today but was too scared to buy. Firstly because I’m scared to try such a rich unique shade and secondly it costs 5000Korean won (4$). I will wait for a sale to come up and then think about it.

Moving on to the main topic – I have tried to make the Pink Peach lipstick work for me by using it over a darker lip pencil. It works ok that way. But this is a strong reminder for me to think twice before choosing any beautiful shade. I don’t think the lesson will last long because I have made these mistakes before. When will I ever grow up and learn my lessons forever? idk. Maybe I have a tendency to lock out bad memories. Ahem!

Share your disastrous lipstick picks please (to make me feel better)! What are your thoughts about the Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks?

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