ColorBar Tentalize Nail Art Mini Kit – Review, Shades, Price!


Colorbar Tentalize Pro Nail Art Mini-kit

Online shopping is becoming a new weekend activity of sorts and last weekend, I ordered a few things from Flipkart, one of them being the Colorbar Tentalize Mini Nail Art Kit. I let go of a lot of nail paints from my collection some time ago since I had built it over 2 years and most of the nail polishes were drying. So I was in need of new colors and since Colorbar is not a brand I have tried much, I decided to give it a go!

colorbar tentalize

Colorbar Cosmetics Tentalize Pro Nail Art Mini-kit

Product: ColorBar Tentalize Nail Art Kit

Claim: Colorbar launches the Colorbar Pro Mini collection in a Do-It-Yourself Nail art kit. This kit combines a delectable range of our top-selling shades and Glitterati top coats that complement each other perfectly. Get the salon-like finesse of Nail Art, right at home. DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde free. Don’t cause yellowing or chipping of nails.

Quantity: 10* 5 ml

Price: 1250 INR

colorbar cosmetics tentalize nail paints

ColorBar Tentalize: Shades

The shades in the Colorbar Tentaize kit do not come with a name on the packaging and the information is not very clear on the website to color match.

ColorBar Nail Lacquer Pro shades, Colorbar Glitterati Top Coat shades in Tentalize kit:

colorbr nail kit

Colorbar Tentalize kit – Top Row (L-R)

Top Row (L-R):


Kiss Me Darling

Retro Pink (Glitterati Top Coat)

Peach Me Up

Blue Web

colorbar nail kit

Colorbar Tentalize kit – Bottom Row (L-R)

Bottom Row (L-R):

Disco Gold (Glitterati Top Coat)


Orange Blast

Ocean Green

Gold Trance (Glitterati Top Coat)

These shade numbers do not match with the Colorbar Nail Lacquer Pro shades on their website. So looks like these shades are stand-alone or just for the nail art kits. I could only find Kiss Me Darling on the website. Anyhow.

Colorbar Tentalize Mini Pro Nail Art kit comes with 10 nail paint shades of 5 ml in each. There are 7 nail enamels and 3 glitter top coats in this kit. The usual size of a Colorbar Nail Lacquer Pro is 15 ml and they come at a price of 400 INR each. So for 1250, we are getting 10 shades (1/3rd in size). Nail paints are not something I like to repeat very often, also something that I like to experiment with so I actually appreciate the small size – its all about quantity (with quality).

Colorbar Tentalize Nail Lacquer pro Mini size

Colorbar Tentalize Nail Lacquer pro Mini

I love the brush a lot, it was so each to apply the nail paint. Before buying, by looking at the packaging, I was expecting a smaller brush but the brush is the perfect size (regular) even though the nail paint is tiny!

I love the variety of shades offered in this kit especially the deeper shades – green, blue – and the Glitterati top coats. I am loving trying out the ColorBar tentalize nail art mini kit. I know I will be able to make the full use of every penny I have put into this purchase (and I love that feeling).

Have you tried Colorbar Nail paints? Which is your favorite shade from their range? Comment below!


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