Davidoff Cool Water Woman Gentle Shower Breeze – Review, Price!

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I love testing out different bath products and shower gels are my favorites in the category. So naturally I got super excited about receiving the Davidoff Cool Water Woman Gentle Shower Breeze in my September MyEnvyBox. I have heard so many people rave about the iconic Davidoff Cool Water perfume that I was very eager to try it. Now that I have smelled the shower gel and gotten an idea about the scent of the perfume, I am tempted to grab the EdT itself. That will surely happen sometime in the future but for now let’s focus on the present, the Davidoff Cool Water Shower Gel. And it smells of the ocean…

Davidoff Cool Water Gentle Shower Breeze

Davidoff Cool Water Gentle Shower Breeze

Product: Davidoff Cool Water Woman Gentle Shower Breeze

Claim: Imagine a clean sandy beach with a gentle mist of clear blue ocean and that’s what Davidoff Cool Water Shower Gel for Women smells like. With an immediate scent of watermelon, followed by Lily of the Valley, finished off with the woody aroma of sandalwood.

Quantity: 150 ml

Price: 1800 INR

Davidoff is a Swiss company originally established as a tobacco goods company. Zino Davidoff took the successful brand name in a new direction by introducing fragrances for both men and women under the same name. Slowly, the brand also launched toiletries. Cool Water fragrance, released in 1984, is one of the most iconic products from the brand. Now it comes in a Shower gel form too!

Davidoff Cool Water Woman Gentle Shower Breeze comes in a blue squeezable plastic tube. The shower gel is also aqua blue in color. It boasts of the same notes as the fragrance with notes of Watermelon, Peach, Citrus, Apricot, Lily of the Valley, Rose, Jasmine, Vetiver, Sandalwood and Amber. So basically the Davidoff Cool Water Shower gel has a fresh floral fruity scent.

Of course the perfume has distinct notes which release with wear throughout the day but a shower gel is on the skin for only so much of the time. So this shower breeze smells more fruity fresh to me with watermelon being the most noticeable scent. It is still delicious!

This shower gel lathers well and washes off easily and completely with water. I do notice any dryness of my skin!

Whenever I bathe with this shower gel, I feel like I am in relaxing on the beach. It is refreshing. The scent lingers for a little while after bath. If you want to keep the scent stay for long, you probably need to layer it with the perfume itself.  And just a little bit goes a long way!

davidoff cool water shower gel (1) davidoff cool water shower gel (2) davidoff cool water shower gel (3)

Rating: 5/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: Yes

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed using the Davidoff Cool Water Shower Gel. It is refreshing to the senses, a delight to smell, lather well and does not dry out the skin. I am not a huge fan of long chemical-laden ingredient list but since a shower gel does not stay for long on the skin, I am okay with this one.

This is a luxury product so the price is on the higher side, which is probably the only cons I can think of for this product. Else it ticks all the right boxes as a shower gel. I would highly recommend it to people looking for something special for a shower and who do not mind splurging a little!

Have you tried out the Davidoff Cool Water Gentle Shower Breeze?

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