Dazzling Rings a Girl Wants! (My Ring collection and organization)

So I have been on a huge spring cleaning spree and decided to let go of a lot of things I was not getting use of or the things that were not bringing me any joy. This activity brought a lot of organization and shuffling especially of accessories. I ordered a jewelry box recently for my updated ring collection and thought of sharing my favorite pieces with all of you! Bear in mind (as a disclaimer) that I have collected this over the past 2 years!

Statement Rings

I am always looking out for statement rings because as I have mentioned in my “How I Like to Accessorize” post, I love statement jewelry. I wear my engagement ring more often than any other accessory, for obvious reasons, but every now and then I feel the need to wear one or two statement rings to add some bling to the outfit.

My favorite piece is this cocktail ring from Kushal’s:

cocktail ring

I got this for my sister in law’s engagement 4 years ago but it is still as good as new. Of course that is due to proper care and storage of my accessories too!

Then there are a few rings I picked up in South Korea. I have given away a few but these from the Sindorim underground shopping center Seoul are my favorite! These cost me like 5 bucks!

silver statement rings

I also like this weird flower bouquet ring that picked up from Bangalore Central 3 years ago. I like how it looks when I wear it even though it is not much to look at otherwise! It is a neutral accessory so I can accessorize any outfit with it

Those are the silver ones and of course I have a couple in gold too. PS – That owl used to have eyes 😉

gold statement rings

Knuckle Rings

Last year I went crazy with the knuckle rings fad. Now I have a huge collection and here are a few of the nice pieces I have collected. Most of these are from South Korea and brands range from Korean brands – Naughty Cat, Red Eye to International brands – H&M, Forever 21!

Gold Knuckle rings:

gold knuckle rings

Silver Knuckle Rings

silver knuckle rings

I like picking these in sets as I think they are worth the price than collecting single pieces. here are a couple of my favorite rings on display for an NOTD:

nail art for christmas

Adjustable Rings

I think having a few nice rings is great in addition to having edgy pieces. I have a few adjustable rings from H&M and Zotiqq in my collection that wear in my index finger usually.

adjustable rings

Some of the special rings in my collection are my Sterling Silver rings. I love SS jewelry especially rings so I never leave a chance to pick up one whenever I can. There are 3 current favorites:

sterling silver 925 rings

Rings Organization/Jewelry Box

I picked up this Essart Box 0070A Makeup and Jewellery Vanity Case (Red) recently to organize my jewelry especially rings. I cleaned it with a damp cloth and then arranged my jewelry so I can access it easily and also get to admire it 😉

jewelry organizationOf course I have more jewelry in there but just to keep this relevant to the blogpost, I have only kept the rings in this box. Let me know if you want me to review this jewelry box!

I like wearing rings as they make my tiny childish looking hands appear more feminine. Rings can add to the look of an outfit and I have a collection now that is manageable but gives me options to customize my outfits. I am so glad for having these key pieces in my collection!

Do you enjoy accessorizing as much as I do? Which are your favorite type of rings? Comment below!

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