Dettol Multi-use Wipes – REVIEW

I think I am done with hand sanitizers! I had another “hand sanitizer” leakage accident in my makeup bag a few weeks ago so I decided to experiment with wet wipes. While in Korea, I was a huge fan of Kleenex but it is not so easy to find here, not to mention the products available in the Indian market up until this point failed to impress me. Enter Dettol Multi-Use wipes! I have been trying these out and am ready to review them…

dettol multi use wipes review

Dettol Multi-Use wipes

Product: Dettol Multi-use Wipes (Original)

Claim: The all new Dettol Multi-use Wipes protects you from germs – wherever, whenever. They not only help protect your skin from germs, but also keep surfaces germ free. Whether you’re at home or on-the-go, Dettol Multi-Use Wipes provide convenient, and easy protection against germs. Being pH neutral, the wipes do not affect your skin’s natural protection, and the emollients present in the wipes keep your skin moisturized.

Quantity: 30 ea

Price: 115 INR

Dettol is a trusted and well-known name in Indian households. It holds a certain amount of nostalgia especially for me since I associate it with my PG days. *anecdote alert* It was 2006 and we were experiencing some problems with water supply. One day there was dirt in it, so much that the faucet delivered brown-ish liquid and then one day there were tiny insects. I was mortified. Once the tank was cleaned, I created a routine that I maintained until I stayed in that place – I used to fill the bucket with water at night and pour a few tiny drops of Dettol liquid into it. By the morning, the dirt, if any, would settle down plus I trusted Dettol to disinfect the water. Of course it was not easy to take bath with that cold water at 6.30 a.m. but I did it and was one of the few who did not get any skin troubles from the water. This goes on to convey how much I trust this brand. Moving on.

dettol multi wipes ingredients

Dettol Multi-use Wipes

So when I learned that they came out with Multi-use wipes, I knew I had to try them.

And the expectations were high!

I am glad to report that the Dettol Multi-Use wipes deliver the promise they make. These are marketed to be, as the name suggests, multi-purpose. It can be used as a hand- sanitizer, face cleaner, quick surface cleaner etc.

I have not used these wipes on my face (because I am testing out way too many face cleansers already) but I have used this for other purposes these are meant for – I have cleaned my phone, TV remote, iPad to get rid of the germs; after all these germs get transferred to our face through our fingers. I have also used these to clean my hands before and after having my meal at restaurants and cafes. It gets rid of the oily residue on the fingers. There have been some instances of cleaning tough stains from the dining table too 😉

dettol multi use wipes ingredients

Dettol Multi Use Wipes

And the biggest use I have found for these wipes is for removing makeup from my hands. Let me explain, as a beauty blogger I swatch a lot of makeup products like eyeshadows and lipsticks on the back of my hand. So as a short cut to clean my hands, I have been using these wipes. I am amazed at how well these remove every bit of makeup without any makeup remover oil, cream or balm!

I am hoping they will release some more variations!

Rating: 4.5/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: Yes

I would pick the Dettol multi use wipes any day over others available in the market right now, but I really hope they introduce from fresh smelling wipes too. The current scent is not too exciting. It is the pharmaceutical smell that I am not too fond of. Even the original Dettol (the anti-septic liquid) would be favorable!

There are packs of 30 (for 115 INR) easily available in stores now and I have found some good deals online for packs of 10 (45 INR) and bundle of 3 of 10 (135 INR) and so on! You can buy Dettol Multi-use wipes on Flipkart!

Disclaimer: PR Sample sent for review.

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