D&G Anthology collection (Dolce & Gabbana)

Dolce & Gabbana became one of my favorite brands for perfumes even before I even sniffed any of their perfumes. The thing is I got interested (and impressed) by D&G perfumes the day I read a blog post I came across randomly through Google search. It was a small story where the protagonist tries to search the person smelling awesome in her office only to find out it was her boss’s new perfume (hint hint Dolce & Gabanna!)

Check it out – D&G fragrances – Anthology collection

And I might have been really impressionable to instantly start believing that Dolce & Gabbana = great perfumes! A couple of years later, I found myself sniffing a Dolce & Gabbana perfume in Åhléns City in Stockholm. I instantly fell in love with it! That day I came back with Dolce Gabbana Light Blue edT. It is still my favorite perfume. Time to go back in time for Throwback Thursday!

In the year 2010 I went to Copenhagen (Denmark) from Malmö (Sweden) for a day trip and found myself in a humungous department store in a building called Magazin-du-nord. I felt like I was in my dream world. We had to catch a bus back to Sweden (to go back through the world-famous Öresund bridge) so I just picked up D&G Anthology collection (5 perfumes).

Photo of Dolce and Gabbana perfumes

D&G Anthology collection

D&G Anthology collection was released in 2009 and I had seen the ad campaign which looked really interesting. So I went for the collection rather than one perfume to try the whole line. I bought two portable spray perfume bottles from Muji to transfer the perfumes since these bottle were not spray or roller pen style. Face Palm moment! 

It was after this incident that I came to know that all little perfume collections are essentially just perfumes stored in bottles, they need to be transferred to a spray bottle. It is not a big inconvenience since travel perfume bottles are easily available.

The Anthology collection came with 5 fragrances – 1 Le Bateleur, 3 L’Impératrice, 6 L’Amoureux, 10 La Roue de la Fortune, 18 La Lune

As far as I can remember, the set was a collection of 2 fragrances for women (3 L’Impératrice and 18 La Lune), 2 for men (1 Le Bateleur and 10 La Roue de la Fortune) and one unisex(6 L’Amoureux).

  • 1 Le Bateleur (The Magician) – Rich, sweet scent of hot vapor coming off an angel food cake
  • 3 L’Impératrice (The Empress) – Pink rose candy, but gets richer and mellower
  • 6 L’Amoureux (The Lovers) – Lemon mousse, both tart and sweet
  • 10 La Roue de la Fortune (The Wheel of Fortune) – Ripe, sweet plum torte
  • 18 La Lune (The Moon) – Smell of a garden in the cool dark, of slightly chilled flowers, asleep. It’s a perfect scent for fall.

My favorite was 18 La Lune for myself and 1 Le Bateleur for the hubster! I was just not a big fan of the unisex scent so my husband used it up. I used up my perfumes within two months (since they were 10ml only)

Recommend and Repurchase – 18 La Lune is a perfume that I would consider buying full size (which I think is 50ml) and would definitely recommend for women. 1 Le Bateleur might make a great gift for men,

The perfume line has now been extended to 8 perfumes – the three new ones in addition to the five given above are: 11 La Force, 14 La Tempérance and 21 La Fou.

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