Different Ways to Use Argan Oil

Hi everyone! Happy New Year! I had an awesome New year’s eve dinner at Namaste restaurant in Apgujeongrodeo and then watched Despicable Me 2. And then I went shopping on the first day of the new year. Well, 2014 has started on a good note!

It is really cold here in Seoul and I have been doing a few things to take care of my skin and prevent excess drying of my skin. I have been using Argan Oil regularly and I thought it would be a great idea to share my thoughts.

different ways of using argan oil

Argan Oil uses and benefits

So here are the 4 different ways you can use Argan oil in winter:

1. Before night cream.

Take a few drops of Argan oil in the palm of your hands and rub them lightly. The heat generated will make it easy for your skin to absorb moisture.

I love using Argan oil as a serum before applying my night cream. So every other night after I wash my face, I massage a little Argan oil on my face for a minute or two and then apply my night cream. My skin has never been this moisturized in winter.

2. As a leave-in conditioner.

I detest using a lot of things on my hair. I do not style m hair often and neither do I use any finishing products but this winter I have been applying Argan oil to my hair like a leave in conditioner.

I wash my hair not more than twice a week and when my hair is 80% dry, I take a few drops of Argan oil (4 to be exact) and rub it between my fingers and then apply a little away from the root to the ends of my hair. It is not sticky (at least on my dry hair), does not smell and also adds a little bit of shine to the hair. I love it!

3. For Deep Hair Conditioning.

Mix Coconut oil (a tablespoon) with a few drops of Argan oil and massage it in your hair. Leave overnight and then wash it in the morning. Argan oil will act as a natural deep conditioner and leave your hair soft, shiny, silky and manageable!

4. Remedy for dry hands.

The most dry part of our bodies during winter are lips and hands in my opinion. I do not usually take a lot of care of my hands but this winter, I have been mixing Argan oil with my hand cream at night. I wake up with super soft moisturized hands!

My skin gets a little oilier in summer and I cannot use any heavy moisturizer or oil to my skin even at night but I am sure I will be able to use it on my hair and hands throughout the year!

I jumped on the Argan Oil bandwagon after reading about the amazing results people were getting sing it. And now I can attest to the fact that it does work well. If you cannot find Argan oil, use Rosehip oil or (like me in the past) Almond oil!


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