Dior Serum De Rouge 580 Smoky Pink – Review

Dior and Chanel are two my favorite high end brands. I was more into eyeliner and lipsticks so whenever I got a chance to buy a luxury makeup item, I always went for something I would use regularly. So I got Chanel Stylo Ebene eyeliner (pencil) and this Dior Serum de Rouge in 580 Smoky Pink shade. Today I am going to review the Dior lipstick and this particular shade may not be available in stores now but the formula I have noticed is the same of the currently available Dior Serum de Rouge lipsticks. So this review may help you decide if you should invest in these or not!

dior serum de rouge swatch

Dior Serum De Rouge – 580 Smoky Pink

Product: Dior Serum De Rouge 580 Smoky Pink

Claim: Serum de Rouge is an elegant and natural, sensual shiny lip color for more beautiful and soft lips. Perfect for lip treatment and feminine, sophisticated color effects of pen-type design.

Quantity: 2 g

The first thing I would like to mention is that these lipsticks are way expensive for the amount of product you get. I got it in Duty Free in Turkey sometime ago but the real price in dollars is quite high. And for 2 grams? A lot!

These lipsticks are light-weight and the formula is really moisturizing to the lips. The colors are not very opaque but the color pay off is good. The scent is not the strongest point of these lipsticks but while they last, my lips never get dry. They feel hydrated and soft.

The lasting power is really disappointing. If I do not eat or drink anything, these can last for 2 hours or so but otherwise there is a lot of transfer. And since the product is already only 2 g in the tube, this does not last very long.

I really like the black and silver packaging with Dior signature quilted pattern. My biggest problem with this was that the shade did not suit my complexion. When I bought this, I must have confused this shade with some other one because I never pick up such blue-based pinks!

Rating: 3.5

Recommend: Maybe

Repurchase: Maybe

I would have loved a bit more products, a lower price and a lasting power! But when it came out (2010), these essence lipsticks were quite unique! The price range and everything else related to this product may make it a must have for very few people! That is the reason I may not repurchase these and also am not recommending them as a must have!

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