DIY – Repurposing or modifying accessories

Here’s another quick post for the day where I show how I re-purposed a pair of earrings!

I got a bog pair of dangling earrings in Sweden. I thought they looked different and the different shapes and colors of the earrings seemed interesting to me. I think I owre these only once and then just kept them since they were too heavy and the different metallic finishes of the little charms were clashing a lot in my opinions. I forgot about them and saw them recently while going through my collection. So I thought I would throw them away but then I got the idea to break it down and reduce the size. And since I have more gun metal and silver jewelry, I made a gold pair of earrings from this one.

how to create accessories

Repurposing earrings

I hate throwing away things and I know that now I am going to wear these a lot. These are cute and go with a lot of outfits that I wear these days.

I always wanted to be a jewelry designer and I hope to do something about this dream someday. Until then, I will keep on repurposing my accessories and get more use out of them! Hope this was helpful and inspired you to re-purpose something form your collection!

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