DKNY Be Delicious Perfume (green Apple) – Review

One of my first purchases in Sweden, I got DKNY perfume gift set containing DKNY Be Delicious and DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom. Both packed in the apple shades container, half glass and half silver (metal) containging 30 ml each. I got so many fragrances during my stay in Sweden that I did not use up any of them. I used the DKNY Be Delicious this winter and am planning to use the DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom this spring!

donna karan new york be delicious perfume

DKNY Be Delicious

The DKNY Be Delicious features apple, grapefruit and magnolia (top notes), lily of the valley, rose and violet (middle notes), sandalwood, amber and musk (base notes). I am not a huge fan of apple scent and I got this set only since it was at almost the same price as the Fresh Blossom 50 ml bottle, so I thought of trying both (30 ml each) as the price.

DKNY perfume review

DKNY Be Delicious and DKY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom perfume set

I do not like sweet fruity scents in my perfumes, I like citrus scents more so I was surprised that I was not appalled by its scent! The apple notes do not really show up that much on me, it gets sweeter within a few minutes so I am not in love with this one, I prefer Fresh Blossom scent anyday! This scent lasts long compared to some other fresh fruity type scents.

Rating: 3.25/5

Repurchase: No 

Each perfume smells different on different people and everyone has their own preferences so that explains why it was amongst the Top 10 perfumes in 2010 in Sweden!

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