Why I Don’t Need the Estee Lauder “Luxe Color” Collection!

This might be one of my most desperate steps to strengthen my resolve to refrain from investing in the “Luxe Color” Limited Edition collection by Estée Lauder. After writing my post on the Estée Lauder “Luxe Color” collection, I sat down and compared the eyeshadow compacts from 2013 (in my collection) and 2014 (website details) just to see if I really had all those shades in my collection already. The results have astounded me!

estee lauder luxe color makeup beauty holiday gift set 2014

Estee Lauder Luxe Color Collection 2014 – Limited Edition

Estée Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow (12) shades from 2014 collection:

Sugar Cube, Sugar Biscuit, Riviera Rose, Ivory Slipper,

Tempting Mocha, Lilac Whimsy, Hot Cinnamon, Nude Fresco,

Wild Truffle, Amethyst Spark, Lavish Mink, Chocolate Bliss

Estee Lauder Makeup Artist Professional Color Collection Color Eyeshadows

Estee Lauder Makeup Artist Professional Color Collection Pure color 18 eyeshadow palette and swatches

Estée Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow (18) shades from 2013 collection:

Ivory Slipper, Polished Platinum, Pink Flash, Sugar Cube, Sugar Biscuit, French Vanilla,

Wild Truffle, Amazing Grey, Candy Crave, Lilac Whimsy, Nude Fresco, Sepia Sand,

Lavish Mink, Amethyst Spark, Berry Burst, Flirty Lilac, Hot Cinnamon, Moroccan Mint

I have reviewed the Estee Lauder Makeup Artist Professional collection here.

And after comparison I found out that there are only 3 shades (Riviera Rose, Tempting Mocha, Chocolate Bliss)  in the new palette that I do not already have in my collection. The main attraction of the Holiday set from Estee Lauder have always been the eyeshadow and blush compacts for me (since I am a sucker for palettes) so this is a major turn off for me. And the main reason why I do not need the Estee Lauder Luxe Color set.

I wish Estée Lauder would release more shades (less repeats) in their collections!

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