Dove Go Play – Time to let go of the Ponytail!

Oil massage is an important part of hair care routine for Indian women. I had really healthy long hair which was slightly wavy and silky in school time and I (mimicking what everyone else said) believed that it was because of never leaving hair open and also massaging it with oil regularly. I used to braid my hair and if I just did a bun at home, the sheer weight of my hair gave me a headache.

In college I got a modern hair cut and started leaving my hair open. It was so freeing, it felt like a weight had come off. I liked long hair but mid length hair was easier to manage! Of course I ate well since my Mom took care of the meals!

But when I moved out of my house to work, I had no time to take care of my hair, no hairstyle, no oil massage. And I would just make simple high or low ponytails. My diet suffered due to my long working hours and my ponytail started looking like a broom.

Due to constant stress, I also suffered from hairfall, dandruff and premature graying of hair (runs in paternal family so Yay me!) I just lost interest in doing anything to my hair.

Life has taken me to different countries and being a beauty blogger (and a beauty enthusiast), I see girls sporting cute buns, braids and glamorous waves everywhere! But when I look in the mirror, I see strands of grays showing under my jet black hair and that demotivates me from doing anything with my hair.

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Yours Truly!

I turn 30 next year.

And I feel like life is passing by quickly while I am still not living the best my life I can live because I am afraid!

Afraid of letting myself look the best that I can – having my hair colored or getting a beautiful hair cut or styling it to suit my mood and outfit!

I really want to have fun with my hair.

I really want to play with my hair.

Change my opinions!

Straighten my hair and then roll it into a bun! Use extensions and rock long beachy waves on the weekend and sport sleek ponytail on Monday! Make a poof and create a fish net bun!

Maybe if I have more fun with it, both of us (me and my hair) will be happy!

I think the latest Dove Video #DovePlay gives this message succinctly and beautifully!

I always love how well-made and simple Dove ads are and they always have a beautiful message. This one spoke to my heart. And it has inspired to play with my hair and have fun! It is time to let go of the ponytail!

Life is too short to be afraid of trying new things, thinking it can damage hair. Use good quality products, eat well and do basic hair care activities and it will all work out in the end.

(Updated 2/3/2013 to add the hashtag to the post)

This post is written as an entry for the DOVE PLAY Contest on Indiblogger sponsored by Dove India. Follow the #DovePlay updates on Twitter.


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