Eco Tools Mineral Set and Essential Eye Set makeup brushes + Review

I do not have enough makeup brushes, or at least I think so (See my brush collection here). Therefore, I am building my makeup brush collection especially the eye makeup brushes because that is the type of makeup I do more often. Everytime I apply my makeup using brushes, I forget to clean them and the next time, I have to use dirty brushes. I am okay to spot clean my brushes once a week or fortnight (since I do not wear makeup everyday), I still do not like how the brushes look even before I dip them in an eyeshadow. Sometimes it ruins the color. So I bought a set of Eco Tools Essential Eye set makeup brushes and also the mineral set.

eco tools brushes

Eco Tools 6-piece Eye brushes Travel kit and 5-piece Mineral Makeup brushes set

Eco Tools Six piece Essential Eye Set (travel pack):

  • Large Eye brush
  • Angled crease brush
  • Highlighting brush
  • Petite eye shading brush
  • Smudge brush
  • Travel bag

Eco Tools Five Piece Mineral Set:

  • Mineral Powder brush
  • Concealer brush
  • Eye-shading brush
  • Mini Kabuki brush
  • Travel bag

My favorite brushes:

From the Eye Brush Set: Highlighting brush, Smudge brush

(I already have a full sized eyeshadow base brush and I really like it, the Large Eye brush is quite similar to it)

From the Mineral Brush Set: Concealer brush, Mineral powder brush

Brushes I didn’t like (or need to use in a different way): Angled crease brush (eye kit), Eye shading brush (Mineral kit)

Check out their brushes at their website:

One of the main reasons I like Eco tools is because they provide high-quality, affordable brushes while being eco-friendly at the same time. The bristles of the brushes are synthetic fibers (cruelty-free), the handles are made up of recycled aluminium and the handles are made up of bamboo. Even the paper packaging in which they sell the Eco tools brush sets are 80% recycled and 100% recyclable!


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