Empties! I’m so proud of using up my products!

When I started watching YouTube beauty videos and reading beauty blogs way back in 2010, even though I loved getting introduced to new products and makeup tricks, Shopping Hauls always left me baffled. I was more of a clothes & shoes shopper and could never imagine someone using up that many skincare or makeup products.

Slowly tags and videos about Project Pan, Project 10, Shop my Stash caught up with the YouTube gurus and they started showing their used up products in a video/blog. This was also the time to review the product thoroughly. It changed my life! I started shopping without fearing not using up my products. I knew I could use everything completely.

And hence started my real “Shopping Escapades“!

I shopped for beauty products not just when I was running out on them or needed them. I collected cosmetics, rotated them weekly or monthly and displayed them proudly in a big showcase!

I hardly ever run out of my makeup items since I do not do a full face makeup everyday, sometimes I don’t apply anything other than an eyeliner or a bright lipstick or both. But I always manage to reach the finish up my skincare, body care and hair products. I just love pampering my skin.

Here a few “empties” from the last two months:

Photo of cosmetics I have used up for my EMPTIES post

Empties – Using up my skincare and body products

  • Kiehl’s Amino Acid conditoner “with Pure Coconut and Jojoba Oils”
  • Oriflame “Silk & Cashmere” Moisturizing & Massage Gel “with Silk Proteins and Cashmere Extract
  • Himalaya Herbals Hydrating Face Wash cream “with Aloe Vera and Cucumber”
  • Oriflame Nature “Aloe Vera & Maracuja” Soothing Hair Mask
  • Oriflame nature secrets “with relaxing Lavender & Fig” Hand & Body cream
  • Oriflame Tender Care Protecting Balm
  • The Body Shop Wild Rose Hand Cream with SPF15

I have already reviewed Kiehl’s Amino Acid conditioner, The Body Shop Wild Rose Hand cream and I am going to include a detailed review of the rest of the products in the upcoming week. 

Out of all of these products, I will consider repurchasing Kiehl’s Hair conditioner and Oriflame Tender care Protection balm only! Watch out for my review posts on Himalaya Face Wash cream, Oriflame Silk and Cashmere massage gel, Oriflame hair mask and Oriflame hand & body cream!

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