Estee Lauder Makeup Set – Glamour is Golden Blockbuster collection

Hello ladies! How are you today? I was thinking about what to talk about today as it is Thursday and I wanted to do a post for my Throwback Thursday series but I couldn’t think of anything on the top of my head. But as soon as I opened my photos from 2010, a light bulb went on when I saw the photo of my Glamour is Golden collection – An Estee Lauder Makeup set.

Estee Lauder release a gift set with an 18-color eyeshadow palette, 4-color cheek palette, and different eye and lip products mid-fall every year.

Glamour is Golden collection was my first ever big makeup investment. I did write a blogpost on my beauty blog at the time but it was second and last one there ūüôĀ So anyway. Let’s see what to expect from Estee Lauder makeup sets or gift sets in general.

Estee Lauder Glamour is Golden makeup gift set

Estee Lauder Glamour is Golden Blockbuster makeup gift collection

Estee Lauder “Glamour is Golden” Blockbuster collection came with

  • 18-color Eyeshadow palette (Colors listed below)
  • 4-color cheek palette (3 blushes -Nude Rose, Rosewood, Pink Kiss and 1 bronzer – Bronze Goddess)
  • 4 Pure Color Lipsticks: Pink Parfait, Tiger Eye, Rose Tea, Bois de Rose
  • 3 Artist‚Äôs Eye Pencils: Soft Smudge Black, Soft Smudge Brown, Slate Writer
  • Double sided Pure Color Gloss – Sweet Pea, Plum
  • Gentle Eye Makeup Remover
  • Makeup brush set: powder, blush, lip and eye brushes
  • Coordinating fabric-wrapped mirror
  • Travel pouch and a large Makeup Bag
  • And a Makeup guide


Line 1 (left to right) – Ivory Slipper (Satin), Silver Bell (Shimmer), Tranquil Moon (Satin), Smoky Ember (Shimmer), Candy Crave(Satin), Polished Platinum (Shimmer)

Line 2 (left to right) РEnchanted forest (Shimmer), Hot Cinnamon (Shimmer), Peacock Blue (Shimmer), Sugar Biscuit (Satin), Amethyst Spark (Shimmer), French Vanilla (Satin)

Line 3 (left to right) РWild Sable (Matte), Nude Fresco (Satin), Berry Burst (Shimmer), Safari Green (Shimmer), Tempting Mocha (Shimmer), Provocative Plum (Matte)

Estee lauder makeup gift set

Estee Lauder Glamor is Golden Collection

I really liked the eyeshadow palette as they ranged from dark mattes(2) to satin finish (6) colors to shimmery(10) colors and highlight shades.

The blush on the bottom left looks amazing on me and the bronzer is deep enough to show up on my face so it is good for contouring.

I liked 3 of the 4 lipsticks and the eye pencils were good too even though the brown onw didn’t show up on my eyelids, I used it to fill in my brows.

The makeup remover was above-average but the brushes were super-soft, good size and quality. I loved them. I loved the travel puch in which the brushes came. It is roomy and perfect for carrying a few makeup items in the handbag.

The makeup mirror was a bit awkward since it did not have a legit stand, the main case looked a bit too shiny being golden. I did give it to someone who liked it, it just wasn’t my type. I also liked the lip glosses.

The Estee Lauder collection was available for 1000 Swedish Kronor (Kr) which would be 300$ or 6000 INR. I think it was definitely worth the price. I read a few beauty blogs where they said that the collection was available for 55$ with the purchase of an Estee Lauder fragrance! I didn’t know it then or I would have bought it in discount with a fragrance!

Rating – 4.75/5

Recommend – Yes (Keep an eye for the new collection this year)

Repurchase – Yes! Yes! Yes!

I think palettes and gift sets/collections are a great way to try multiple products from a brands. Estee Lauder is an established brand with many high-quality products under its belt so Estee Lauder makeup sets are worth trying!