Etude House Belle Dress Pretty Look Body Wash and Body Lotion REVIEW

Hi everyone, how are you? I am doing great today and have been feeling a lot better. I think eating well and exercising definitely plays a role in our moods. Anyway, I am doing a 2 in 1 review of the Etude House Belle Dress Pretty Look body wash and body lotion. I finished using both of these recently and want to review it before I forget! So read on to find out my experience with this bath range from Etude House!

etude house belle dress pretty look review

Etude House Belle Dress Pretty Look – Body Wash, Body lotion

Etude House has a range of Belle Dress bath and body products which comes in 2 different fragrances – Fruity (Pretty Look) and Floral (Lovely Look). The Fruity fragrance products come in pink packaging while the floral ones come in purple. There are also corresponding Shower Colognes in this range but I have not tried them. Shower colognes actually comes in 5 forms –  Pretty Look (Pink), Lovely Look (Purple), Funky Look (Orange), Lady Look (White) and Marine Look (Blue). Enough of product info, let’s jump right into the review of the Pretty Look body wash and lotion!

Check out the full range of Belle Dress products by Etude House here.

etude house bath products

Etude House Belle Dress Pretty Look Body Wash

Product: Etude House Belle Dress Pretty Look Body Wash

Claim: This perfumed body wash infused with  a sweet fruity fragrance produces a creamy lather which cleanses the skin and leaves a scent that linger all day!

Quantity: 300 ml (10.58 fl. oz.)

Price: 9000 KRW (~ 9$)

Etude House Belle Dress body wash comes in a beautiful frosted plastic packaging shaped like a ball gown in beautiful pastel shades and golden push-down dispenser. The bottle has a pretty vintage feel and looks beautiful displayed on a shelf/dresser. For the price, I think this product is suitable for special occasions!

The consistency of of this body wash is gel-like with a slightly thicker consistency. I love the fruity scent of this body wash, it lingers a little afterwards and makes my bathroom smell divine. I do notice a lot of lather with a loofah so I get a lot of “satisfaction” taking a bath with this. I don’t know what it is relation about the foam and the cleansing strength but it always feels that way. There is nothing special to report except for the smell and the lathering aspect of this body wash.

I definitely do not feel like this dries out my skin in any way but it is not a moisturizing body wash so I do need to follow up with a cream or lotion. Thankfully I picked up the Belle Dress Pretty Look Body lotion to use after this!

etude house bath and body range

Etude House Belle Dress Pretty Look Body Lotion

Product: Etude House Belle Dress Pretty Look Body Lotion

Claim: This perfumed body lotion moisturizes the skin with a long-lasting fruity fragrance.

Quantity: 300 ml  (10.58 fl. oz.)

Price: 9000 KRW (~ 9$)

Etude House Pretty Look Body lotion is a perfumed body lotion which has a fruity fragrance. It comes in a translucent plastic pink bottle designed like a ball gown with a push-down dispenser. It is a rich body lotion and requires some time and effort for applying to the skin. It also takes a few minutes to be absorbed into the skin.

The scent of the body lotion lingers ling after application and definitely outlives the body wash. I would have liked this lotion to be lighter and fast-absorbing! I enjoyed using both of these products together. I prefer non-perfumed products for everyday use but love using perfumed products for special occasions.

Some ingredients of note for both the products are Grapefruit extract, Peach extract and Lemon extract!

Rating: 3.5/5

Recommend: Yes

Repurchase: Yes

These are not the everyday bath products for me but for special occasion and especially when I am going out, I like to use product that make me smell nice. Using a perfume is obvious but I think a perfumed body wash and lotion (specifically) add a lot to the last lasting power of the fragrance. I plan on keeping the bottles for some more time and re-fill these bottles with other plain-looking bath and body products!

Have you tried the Etude House Belle Dress Pretty Look bath range? Which is your favorite bath product?

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